Zdrastvootie is a homegrown Santa Cruz avant rock band consisting of Sean Adams (drums), Scott Stobbe (guitar), Ben Pearce (bass from Feb. 2004 to Jan. 2005) and Drew Adams (guitar/vocals). They formed in 2000. They are on the Holy Mountain Label.

Their friend Trevor Shimizu had an idea of calling their band Zdrastvootie Mushi Mushi, which is hello in Russian and then hello in Japanese.

Nicholas Taplin recorded three and a half records for this band, with only the last two ever destined to be heard by a large audience (the last one is being pressed to CD as this is written). The first record did however get mastered to vinyl by THREE different mastering houses, and was then sent to a 4th mastering engineer (Roger Seibel/SAE) who made an EQ'd DAT tape of the master 1/4" tapes which became the source for a short run of Batish produced CDR's that were sold during the band's first tour (to the Northwest, culminating with a performance at the 9th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival).

Before the band and NT left for the festival in the summer of 2003 they had begun recording onto NT's 8-track in their tiny practice room in a building full of practice rooms used by lots of SC bands. Their unit was literally the size of a walk-in closet and this posed a unique challenge for recording the band. Much to NT's surprise, the amount of acoustic compression that occurred in this room worked out to the recording's extreme advantage, especially with pretty much everything being printed in the red on the tape. Four excellent takes of the band's then very long songs occurred over a few weeks, with one of them being a blown out psych rock epic that has to be heard to be believed.

A few months after returning from the festival (and the previous songs now mixed to relative perfection) the band started recording new material in the same space on NT's newly acquired 1/2" 16-track (onto more modern high-flux recording tape). Four songs came out of these sessions to the band's great satisfaction. A song from the earlier sessions, with Sherri Ross on reverb drenched violin, was transferred to NT's 1" 16-track, with overdubs added by Drew and Scott in NT's living room. Drew and Scott also performed a short voice piece in the same session. The four 16-track pieces and the one 8-track to 16-track piece, along with the voice piece, became the basis for an album that everyone thought could get signed to a label. NT sent the CDR of the album along with a 'one sheet' for the band, and xeroxed pictures of the now four members of the band, to over thirty different labels that he and Drew decided on. Three labels Drew had selected and two labels NT had selected responded. The first was Terry Riley's Cortical label. The guy who wrote back said that the manager of the label had fallen off a balcony several months earlier and had been in a coma ever since. He said he thought the man would like the record and was going to the hospital to play it for him, still in a coma. Another person who responded was John Whitson of Holy Mountain, known to Santa Cruzers as Six Organs' former label. Time passed by and Holy Mountain eventually came to press the record to vinyl, with superb artwork by Rob Fisk.

Zdrastvootie (as a four piece) recorded a new album with NT in Scott's grandmother's house in Campbell, CA, March 2005 with the aid of supporting performances by Nelson _____ and Thollem McDonas. This was the first Zdrastvootie album made on a digital recorder. It should come out in a few months and you can decide if it is good or not.

Nicholas Taplin moved to Olympia, WA in July of 2005.

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