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Wooden Club
Wooden Club.png
A club (also known as a cudgel, baton, truncheon, cosh, nightstick, or bludgeon) is among the simplest of all weapons: a short staff or stick, usually made of wood, wielded as a weapon since prehistoric times. There are several examples of blunt-force trauma caused by clubs in the past, including at the site of Nataruk in Turkana, Kneya, described as the scene of a prehistoric conflict between bands of hunter-gatherers 10,000 years ago.
General information
Category Weapons
Subcategory Melee Weapons
Space Used 1x4
Weight 1.7kg
Administrator Information
Wooden Club

The Wooden Club is a melee weapon in SCUM.




1 Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank

1 Improvised Hatchet.png Improvised Hatchet

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