WikiSCUM is a collaborative project and its founders and contributors have a common goal, to create a reliable and free encyclopedia of the history and currency of underground music in Santa Cruz County, California.

WikiSCUM has some policies and guidelines that help us to work toward that common goal. These policies are still evolving.

You don't need to read every Wikipedia policy before you contribute! However, the following policies are key to a productive Wikipedia experience, and the sooner you get to grips with them, the better.

  1. WikiSCUM is an encyclopedia. Its goals go no further. See What WikiSCUM is not for more info.
  2. WikiSCUM is only about underground music in Santa Cruz County. Articles not specific to this topic will be deleted. Non-Santa Cruz and non-music topics should be cross-linked to Wikipedia. Here is the syntax to cross-link: [[Wikipedia:Pansy Division|Pansy Division]].
  3. Respect other contributors. WikiSCUM contributors come from many different experiences, and have widely different views. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building an encyclopedia. Assume good faith and be civil. (See also: Wikiquette)
  4. Respect the people you're writing about. WikiSCUM is written by people in a particular community about people in said particular community. Please write with respect of others. Avoid personal attacks. Avoid inflated claims.
  5. Respect the privacy of others. WikiSCUM is not a tabloid. Revealing the secrets of others is immature and unencyclopedic.
  6. Avoid bias. Articles should be written from a neutral point of view, representing differing views on a subject fairly and sympathetically. This is not the place to say that a band sucks or is the best. Rather than writing "The Chunks are the best band in Davenport" write "The Chunks won the Battle of the Bands in 2003" (but only write that if they did!)
  7. Don't infringe copyrights. WikiSCUM is a free encyclopedia licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Submitting work which infringes copyrights threatens our objective to build a truly free encyclopedia that anyone can redistribute, and could lead to legal problems. See Wikipedia copyrights for more information.

Internal links, interlinks and external linksEdit

Anything that has to do with underground music within Santa Cruz County should have an article in WikiSCUM. Subjects outside the WikiSCUM realm should interlink to the associated Wikipedia article. Subjects not covered in Wikipedia should link to related home pages.

Listings of showsEdit

In order for a show to be listed on the shows lists, at least one band/performer must be a Santa Cruz County band.

Listings of bandsEdit

In order for a band to have an article in WikiSCUM, the band must call or have called Santa Cruz County home, and must have performed in at least three shows.

Procedural questionsEdit

How are policies decided? Edit

WikiSCUM policy is formulated for the most part by consensus. This consensus may be reached through open debate over difficult questions, or it may simply develop as a result of established practice.

The central place to discuss or propose policies is The Hub, but keep in mind that to become official, a policy must be agreed to on WikiSCUM itself. Votes are sometimes useful, but should only be held based on previous discussion and with a view to achieving consensus.

Traditions that result from established practice are sometimes hard to identify. If there is no objection to the practice, it may be difficult to sustain community attention long enough for a formal process of adopting it as policy. In this situation, the best solution may be to document existing practice on an appropriate page. This then provides a location to discuss the practice and possible changes to the policy, and it also allows people to cite a source for the policy if necessary.

How are policies enforced? Edit

You are a WikiSCUM editor. Because of the collaborative and consentual nature of this project, WikiSCUM lacks an editor-in-chief or a central, top-down mechanism whereby the day-to-day progress on the encyclopedia is monitored and approved. Instead, active participants make copyedits and corrections to the content and format problems they see. So the participants are both writers and editors.

Most policies and guidelines are thus enforced by individual users editing pages, and discussing matters with each other. Some policies are also enforced by temporary blocks by admins.

Conventions Edit

By following these we are able to produce a more consistent and more usable encyclopedia:

Restricted features Edit

Some features of the software which could potentially be misused, such as deleting pages and locking pages from editing, are restricted to Administrators, who are experienced and trusted members of the community. Policies particularly relevant to administrators include:

  • Protection policy (When and why to protect a page)
  • Blocking policy (Blocking users to deal with vandalism or to enforce decisions of the arbitration committee)

Other guidelines (provided by Wikipedia) Edit

Content guidelines Edit

Style guidelines Edit


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