WikiSCUM is a collaborative effort. Anyone can edit articles. Editing is easy and editing is fun. WikiSCUM's success depends on you. No single person knows everything - but we can work together to compile our own history.

There are many ways you can help.

Add information to articlesEdit

This encyclopedia isn't even close to completion. Articles themselves need lots of work. They may seem incomplete and scrawny. No article here is ever finished so don't be afraid to make edits. If you feel something is missing, add it.

What is most important here is your knowledge of underground music in Santa Cruz County. It is more useful for WikiSCUM if you are bold and add to articles information that you know about, from detailed historic information (like what happened at the Kicking Giant show in 1995 at Le Medecine Cabinet or what shows were like at Club Culture) to fixing tiny mistakes (like changing Drastvootie to Zdrastvootie or The Damones to Damones). Think about it this way, if people sit back and don't make edits, then the project dies.

Add as much pertinent information as you can. If your syntax or formating is wrong, it isn't a big deal at all; another editor will fix it - then you can go back to see the corrections, and learn from them.

Please don't remove information from articles unless it is baseless, redundant information, unencyclopedic, vandlism, hearsay, or libel.

For more information, see Help:Editing or markup language.

Create new articlesEdit

There are plenty of bands and venues, etc., that don't yet have articles. Be bold, and write one. If you don't do it, who will? Why wait for someone else to get the article started? WikiSCUM depends on your activity. And what's cool is that once you start an article, other people might very well start adding information to it, and in a matter of time, the article will grow from your seed.

Before you start a new article, make sure it doesn't already exist under a different spelling or name.

New pages can be created by:

  • Following a link to a nonexistent article (represented by a red link).
  • Performing a search for a nonexistent article with the Go button, coming up with no results, clicking on "create the article".
  • Creating the red link yourself in an already existing related article.

If you're feeling venturous, the list of wanted pages shows you what yet-to-be-made articles have the most open links.

For more information, see Help:Starting a new page.

Post upcoming showsEdit

WikiSCUM has a section for upcoming shows. It is a perfect place to post this information.

Add missing shows to the archivesEdit

Painstaking effort has been put into archiving every known Santa Cruz County punk/indie/ska show that involves a local band. Many listings are still not there. Add to the list of shows any and all of the shows you know of.

Also, if you see any mistakes in the shows already listed there, be bold and fix them. Some of the dates might be off by a day. Some of the band names might be spelled wrong.

If you see local bands listed that are not internally linked, please help by adding [[brackets around the band's name]].


Copy editing is the process by which an editor makes formatting changes and other improvements to text. If you enjoy performing such tasks, you are encouraged to be bold, take the reigns, and do it.

Check out Wikipedia's Manual of Style. Those are the standards followed in WikiSCUM.

Scan and upload flyers and/or photosEdit

See: Wikipedia:Uploading images

What else?Edit

Once you've read through these sugggestions of how you can help, be sure to peruse Getting started.

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