Peace on earth, good will toward men

This is the account of Oliver Brown.

I discovered wikicities May 17, 2005 - it was recommended to me by Vik Reykja after I had told him about my vision for a Santa Cruz Underground Music (SCUM) wiki. I had for a longtime maintained a SCUM website (which I had inherited from Russ Granger). Because of other projects and occupations taking up my time, and because I dreamed of turning SCUM into a wiki but so no way to do it, the SCUM website went static. With the miracle of Wikicities, I now have a chance to create the SCUM wiki.

I am a musician. I also teach U.S. History, World History and Psychology in high school.

I grew up in Rochester, New York, lived in New York, New York for many years, and now reside in Santa Cruz, California. I attended University of California, Santa Cruz and received a BA in political science.

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