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Date December 21st, 2020
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

First of all, as you may have noticed, this is not the 0.5 update you have been waiting for. The major features for 0.5, the ones you've been waiting for a long time now, are not quite in release steady state so we have decided to push the update a bit. Don't worry, it is still coming and quite soon. In the meantime, we are not coming empty handed for this holiday season. We gathered some of the release ready content and much requested balancing tweaks and are releasing them as our regular update to make sure you have something to play with this holiday season. So kick back, enjoy and see what you can wait for in this one:


As promised we looked further into your feedback to the killbox, and made some appropriate changes. Hopefully these will improve the experience we envisioned and make it a bit more balanced.

Here are the changes to the Killbox:


C4 Parts All.jpg

A lot of changes hit the C4 so make sure you familiarize yourself with it:

First of, we will start with how the C4 is being looted in the first place. Don't worry it's still a Killbox only item, but you can no longer straight up just pick up a ready to go C4 explosive device. Now you have a chance to obtain one of 4 items:

  • Packed C4
  • Timer Circuit Board with cables
  • Keypad
  • Detonator with cables

These 4 items plus a couple of more will be needed to craft your own C4 device, as was originally intended. With those items you will also need:

  • Duct tape
  • Wire 2x
  • Blastcap
  • Mobilephone
  • Electrician tools

You will also require a medium demolitions skill. This will hopefully also increase the rarity of the devices making them an item of awe and fear for anyone else that has something looking even remotely to a wall.

Another change hitting the C4 is the damage system. Up until now, C4 had one single radius for damage in which it dealt maximum damage to everything. A new system with 3 layers has been implemented to rectify that.

  • Level 1 - The smallest radius. Everything in it is either dead or destroyed
  • Level 2 - Simulates the initial strongest shock wave, deals massive damage in range to whatever it hits first.
  • Level 3- Simulates the remaining force after the shockwave hits the item in front of it. Damage varies to what the object that took initial hit was.


  • Keycards can now only spawn behind locked lockers. WW2 bunker lockers do not count.

Door defusal[]

We have implemented a new system for the defusal of the electric doors in the killbox. For each failed attempt at defusing the door, you will have increased time for next attempt.


The room should now fill with gas sooner than before. The gas will start releasing at the 5 minute mark instead of 2. This means unless you have a gasmask, you should consume a lethal dose around 3 minute mark, depending on your CON skill.

Weapon locker changes[]

We have also added new weapon packs in the Killbox. The new packs are as follows:

  • AK15 pack

AK15 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. suppressor
    3. mag x 3
    4. ammo box x 3
    5. OKP holographic sight
    6. ACOG scope
  • Standard military Pack 1, 2, 3

Standard Military Pack 1 2 3.jpg

    1. MK18/ M16/ AK15
    2. Bulletproof vest
    3. Military jacket
    4. Military pants
    5. Helmet
    6. NVG
    7. mag x 2
    8. Ammo box x2
  • Armored Military Pack 1, 2, 3

Armored Military Pack 1 2 3.jpg

    1. MK18/ M16/ AK15
    2. Heavy bulletproof vest
    3. Military jacket
    4. Military pants
    5. Helmet
    6. NVG
    7. mag x 2
    8. Ammo box x2
  • Kar98 pack

Kar98 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. bayonet
    3. rails
    4. scope
    5. ammo box x 3
    6. ghillie jacket
    7. ghillie pants
    8. ghillie weapon
  • M16A4 pack

M16A4 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. mags x3
    3. ammo box x3
    4. suppressor
    5. ACOG scope
    6. Red dot sight
  • M1 pack

M1 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. clip x3
    3. ammo box x3
    4. bayonet
    5. sight experimental
    6. suppressor
  • M82A1 pack

M82A1 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. suppressor
    3. scope
    4. mag x 3
    5. ammo box x 3
    6. ear muffs
  • MK18 pack

MK18 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. suppressor
    3. mag x3
    4. ammo box x3
    5. XPS holographic sight
    6. ACOG
  • MP5 K pack

MP5 K Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. mags x3
    3. ammo x3
    4. suppressor
    5. Red dot sight
    6. rail
  • MP5 SD pack

MP5 SD Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. mags x3
    3. ammo box x3
    4. ACOG scope
    5. Red dot sight
    6. rail
  • Ninja pack

Ninja Pack.jpg

    1. katana
    2. scout black
    3. kunai
    4. shuriken
    5. black boots
    6. black gas mask
    7. smoke grenade
    8. ghillie jacket (black)
    9. ghillie pants (black)
    10. night vision goggles
  • Kinky pack

Kinky Pack.jpg

    1. pink ghillie jacket
    2. pink ghillie pants
    3. pink gas mask
    4. pink boots
    5. cigarettes
    6. rope
    7. dildo
    8. candle
    9. lighter
    10. duct tape
  • UMP 45 pack

UMP 45 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. weapon
    2. mags x3
    3. ammo box x3
    4. suppressor
    5. ACOG scope
    6. Red dot sight
  • Vietnam pack

Vietnam Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. M1 helmet
    2. bulletproof vest
    3. tactical jacket
    4. military pants
    5. combat boots
    6. M16
    7. mag x2
    8. ammo box x2
  • World War 2 pack

World War 2 Weapon Pack.jpg

    1. WW2 helmet
    2. tactical jacket (dark green)
    3. work pants (dark green)
    4. stabproof vest (dark green)
    5. karabiner
    6. rail + scope
    7. ammo box x2
    8. bayonet

Other changes[]

  • Zappers now have multipliers depending on how many players are in the killbox.


Crossbows All.png

You requested it, you've been teased with it and now it is finally here. Crossbows!!!

Silent yet deadly, these beauties come in 2 variants as is tradition by now.

  • Improvised crossbow.
  • Blackhawk crossbow.

And of course we have more types of bolts for it as well:

  • Metal bolts.
  • Carbon bolts.
  • Wooden bolts.
  • Wooden bolts with stone tips.
  • Wooden bolts with metal tips.

Here is what you need to know about Crossbows:

  • It is tied with rifles skill, due to usage of crossbows is more similar to rifles than archery.
  • Crafting bolts however is tied to Archery skill as it is more similar to arrows.
  • If you have STR under 3.0 you will have a hard time knocking the crossbow.

Glove Mechanics[]

Gloves will now have an impact on how you lockpick and will influence several different factors.

For example, how much pressure is on the lockpick (how easy they break)

Because of this, we have a few categories of gloves:

  1. Open-finger gloves:
    • they recieve full damage from lock protection items (zappers)
    • they don't add any pressure to lockpicks
  2. Thin gloves
    • they recieve full damage from lock protection items (zappers)
    • pressure increased by 25%
  3. Thick gloves
    • they recieve 50% of damage from lock protection items (zappers)
    • pressure increased by 50%
  4. Special gloves
    • special parameters are set for these gloves
    • for example, bear gloves will not get damaged a lot from zappers, but pressure on lockpicks will be massive

We previously added electrician gloves (thick) and medical gloves (thin) in the game.

Both of those will now protect you from zapper damage, but will also take damage from them and wear out.

Also, please don't try to fight zappers with wet gloves.

New Items[]

We have added 3 more ghillies to the game, reflecting some areas of the map.

First off we have the snow ghillie for that high altitude hunting.

Snow Ghillie All.png

And then we have the Dark ghillie for those Night time operations, or you want to roleplay a modern ninja.

Dark Ghillie All.png

We have also added a Pink ghillie if you are really brave and ready to get shot from a mile away. Because we can.

Pink Ghillie All.png


We have now implemented multiple Radio stations!!! You can switch between them by pressing ALT+J.

So now you can choose thematic tunes to your killings all across the island.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to upgrade walls that were not yours.
  • Potential fix for a bug where C4 would appear to stay armed after defusal.
  • Fixed the Night vision goggles exploit bug.
  • Fixed the bug where new BB walls could not be placed even though they should be.
  • Fixed the bug where weapon lockers in cargo drops were not locked.
  • Fixed the lock duplication bug exploit.
  • Fixed the bug where the diving mask did not have the filter in 1st person.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to glitch out locks making them unpickable.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to bury traps in SP mode.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to see items in vicinity through BB elements.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to place cabin doors outside of their designated place.
  • Fixed the bug where player would be stuck in rifle holding stance after throwing an item.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to repair the Improvised Workbench.
  • Fixed the bug where locked doors would display locked despite having all lockpicking items ready.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to arm traps on stairs.
  • Fixed the bug where commands would not autocomplete when using combination of upper and lower class letters.
  • Fixed the bug where upgrading BB elements would not give XP points.
  • Fixed the bug where arrows would do max damage regardless of their durability strength.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes during loading memory spike would occur and crash the game.
  • Fixed the bug where scopes and sights would not render properly on First person only servers.
  • Fixed the bug where lockpicking minigame would display both success and failed on successful lockpick with the last lockpick.
  • Fixed the bug where puppets would not take damage from suicide puppets.
  • Fixed the bug where sentries were not distracted by signal flares.
  • Fixed the bug where you can place blueprints inside the killbox.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Lockpicks now have proper weight.
  • Gas lanterns can now be repaired with tool boxes.
  • Gas mask is now repairable with tool boxes.
  • The game will now inform you of any file integrity problems and disable Multiplayer mode until resolved.
  • Reworked the AKS-74u with new motion captured animations.
  • Repeated usage of painkillers should now properly extend limping removal.
  • You are now able to set your own time for the lockpicking and bomb defusal practice boards.
  • Added spikes on basic BB walls to prevent people jumping over them.
  • You are now able to use voice chat with a drone!
  • NVG, Radio, Boombox and flashlights now need to be fueled by batteries.
  • Improved wall placement.

New Admin Commands[]

  • #NightBrightness (0 - 1) - allows admins to increase nighttime brightness in the game (client side only).

NEW - [SCUM.KillBox]

  • ElectricalDoorUnlockFailureAssistanceBonus=0.25 - Time added in seconds on every consecutive failure of the electric door defusal inside Killbox.
  • GoldLockZapperDamageModifier=1.0 - Modification of the gold lock zapper damage inside Killbox.


  • LockProtectionDamageMultiplier=1.0 - Modification of the damage on zappers (excluding killbox zappers)


  • MaxNumberOfDaysVehicleInactivity=10.0 - Number of days that a vehicle has to be inactive before it gets destroyed.


  • CommitSuicideInitialTime=0 - Initial wait time before 'Commit Suicide' option becomes available
  • CommitSuicideCooldownTime=60 -Penalty wait time applied to 'Commit Suicide' option after each use
  • CommitSuicideCooldownResetMultiplier=1.25 -Amount of time required for the penalty to reset for 'Commit Suicide' option

That will be all from us for now. We wish all of the Scummunity Happy holidays, we will see you all in 2021 with even more great things and updates for SCUM. Cheers