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Update 12-20-19
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Date December 20th, 2019
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Let's start this with a big one.
Welcome to Samobor! SCUMs biggest city so far filled with all sorts of wonders that will bite your face off.
City Img 01.jpg City Img 02.jpg City Img 03.jpg City Img 04.jpg City Img 05.jpg
City Img 06.jpg City Img 07.jpg City Img 08.jpg City Img 09.jpg City Img 10.jpg

Weapon Animations[]

You guys remember when we talked about sounds and when we were recording gun sounds with the military? Well few of them like our mocap studio so we suited them up and went to record some animations.
All rifle movement animations for 3PP have been updated, and now they feel and look much better.
All pistols, Kar98 and shotguns had their firing animations reworked for ADS position.
With time the rest will follow!
Weapon Animations Img 01.jpg Weapon Animations Img 02.jpg

Puppet Spawning System[]

What would our island be without our favourite puppets? Thanks to those awesome guys we keep this show running, and for a small thank you, we are spreading them out!
Puppets will be able to spawn indoors now, that includes:

Police stations
Military areas
Pretty much everywhere inside.

Puppet Spawning Img 01.jpg

Also, we reworked the spawning system players should encounter more frequently puppets now. The number still is the same: 64.
We also added 3 new specific config options for private servers where you can specify how many puppets spawn in a specific environment category.

MaxAllowedWildPawnsInWorld = 64 - number of puppets spawning in the wilderness
MaxAllowedExteriorPawnsInWorld = 64 - number of puppets spawning around points of interest
MaxAllowedInteriorPawnsInWorld = 64 - number of puppets spawning inside buildings

The setting "MaxAllowedZombiesInWorld" defines the total number of puppets on the server allowed.

Squad Management[]

We are always telling people that SCUM is best enjoyed with friends, that's why we upgraded our squad system!
So what did we add:

  • Squad ranks and how they work:
Rank 1: Normal member.
Rank 2: Can invite and kick people from the squad.
Rank 3: Can promote rank 1 members to rank 2 members, and all bellow.
Rank 4: Leader (just 1 person in the squad), can promote rank 2 to rank 3, and all bellow.
  • What else do you get:
Squad name: Only leader can edit that.
Emblem: your little custom logo of your squad (Only leader can edit that.)
Information: that is used to give some basic info about your squad to other players on the server. (Only leader can edit that.)
Message: used to send a message to your squad members (Only leader, and rank 3 can edit that)

Squad Management Img 01.jpg

And here are some general information that you need to know:

  • If the leader leaves the squad the next biggest rank takes his place.
  • We added a new squad chat that you can use while in a squad and you can communicate only between squad members.
  • Squad ranking list, here you can see which squad is the best on the server.
  • The squad limit is defined by its leaders INT skill. The number of people that you can recruit is equal to your INT skill x2. So if you INT skill is 3 x 2 = 6 squad members.
  • If a squad has more members than the limit, squad members won't be able to use "Respawn on squad" and their squad won't be on the leaderboards.

Squad Management Img 02.jpg

Engineering Skill[]

The engineering skill is connected to base building and repairing. Higher levels of skill allow you to build stronger bases more efficiently.

Skill leveling
Repairing base elements, vehicles and clothes
Building base elements
Skill dependent
Repair radius
Repair time
Quality of built base elements - restricts maximum health
Base building requires less ingredients and tool usages on higher levels

New base elements

Base elements are now sorted into skill levels meaning the higher your skill is the more different elements you can build. We have also added some new base elements - four levels of walls and corresponding door frames.
Brush palisade
The simplest walls you can build require minimal resources and provide basic protection.

Brush Palisade Img 01.jpg

Trunk palisade
Considerably stronger than brush palisades provide decent protection against raids.

Trunk Palisade Img 01.jpg

Wooden palisade
Strong wooden walls that are hard to break and require more resources.

Wooden Palisade Img 01.jpg

Metal reinforced palisade
Strongest walls ever require a lot of resources to build and tenacity to break.

Metal Palisade Img 01.jpg

Demolition Skill[]

The demolition skill is mainly focused on using traps which we added in this patch. Different kinds of traps allow you to defend your bases or ambush unsuspecting prisoners.

With multiple triggers - Can be armed with different kinds of triggers.
Pipe bomb
Pressure cooker bomb
Improvised claymore

Explosives Img 01.jpg

With fixed triggers - Are activated by stepping onto them
Barbed spike trap
Cartridge trap
Improvised mine
Personnel mine
Small personnel mine
PROM trap
Stake pit trap

Explosives Img 02.jpg

There are several kinds of triggers you can craft and equip your traps with. More will be added in the future.

Motion sensor trigger
Reacts to motion in a certain area around the trigger
Laser sensor trigger
Reacts to movement trough the laser

Explosives Triggers Img 01.jpg

Trap detection

When you enter an area with traps you get notified
Your trap detection radius depends on the awareness skill and ranges from basically useless on low levels to a decent range higher levels


Skill leveling
Crafting traps
Arming traps
Disarming traps
Skill dependent
Traps you can craft
Defuse time for traps armed by other players
Quality of traps you arm - lower quality traps deal reduced damage and have a smaller radius


With this inventory rework we added more features so you have more flexibility with your inventory.

Now you can rotate your items in your inventory. While drag and dropping an item, using the scroll wheel will rotate it.

Item Rotation Img 01.jpg


While hovering over some items, you will get additional info on the widget
While hovering over an item, holding left Ctrl will now show the tooltip
If a tooltip has more than one panel, it will show a bar and you can use the scroll wheel to scroll it.
Different item types have different tooltips now (so far, only weapons and food are implemented, with improvements to come)

ToolTips Img 01.jpg ToolTips Img 02.jpg

New inventory layout

So we changed a bit the layout. Now the Vicinity tab is in the top middle of your screen and you can drag it down to make it bigger if needed.

Inventory Layout Img 01.jpg


The inventory "resolution" has been increased, meaning 1 old slot is now covered by 4x4 slots

Inventory Layout Img 02.jpg

Irregular Shapes

Inventory management, now we have irregular shape icons for items, so you can adjust your inventory with more precision. Or just play shapes fitting between other shapes, whatever you like.

Inventory Layout Img 03.jpg

Please keep in mind that bugs and issues can arise in this feature in various forms, the most likely you will encounter are icons that don't really match their new layout.

Item Maintenance[]

Now you can finally repair and maintain your items! Well, at least if you have the right repair kit, and this are the repair kits you can find and for what are they used.
Tool Box:

Non electronic attachments.
Blunt weapons.
Protective gear.
All base build elements

Vehicle repair kit

All Vehicles

Weapon cleaning kit

All ranged weapons

Sewing kit

All clothing items besides protective gear.

Grinding stone

All blade weapons

Electronic repair kit

All electronic items
Base build elements can be now repaired one element at a time or in a certain radius, and that radius depends on your engineering skill.
Item repairing is connected to the engineering skill and depending on your engineering skill you will be able to repair different types of items.

Repair Kits Img 01.jpg


No more jumping around with 4 bullets in your legs!
So we added the first iteration of limping. And this is how you can find yourself in a limping situation:

Health lower than 10%
If legs have a bleeding injury, and that can happen in 2 ways
Getting shot in the legs
Jumping from a big height

Limping Img 01.jpg

Light Improvments[]

We did a little rework with our lightning regarding how it behaves.
(No worries, it won't impact performance).
Also with that we improved our snow this year so snowball fights and sledding down the dam is in a bigger Christmas spirit.
Lighting Improvements Img 01.jpg

New Head[]

  • We added a new playable female head.

New Head Img 01.jpg

== PvE/Harcore Servers For now there will be 1 PvE and 1 Hardcore server in Europe and US East.
Please leave as feedback regarding those so we know if we need to add more or change it in any way.


Because it was not scary enough.

Added distant scream voices for puppet intimidate action

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed exploit where you could unmount tractor on the other side of the wall.
  • Animals will no longer get stuck on heavy slopes.
  • Fixed a bug when prisoner did not take holstered compound bow in hands while tuning it.
  • Tree trunk no longer casts a shadow on the prisoner in the main menu.
  • Fixed up arrow not working well while scrolling trough chat suggestions.
  • Fixed the bug where some items would on "drop" action disappear from vicinity.

Quality Of Life Additions[]

  • Level up notifications are no longer display by text, but rather with an image displaying the skill and its level with stars.
  • Vehicle lights have been adjusted to work better with new ambient lighting.
  • Adjusted NVG light to work better with new ambient lightning.
  • Level up notifications are now also displayed in chat.

Admin Commands[]

  • #listsquads true/false
This will list all the squads on the server with their squad id.
  • #listsquadmembers <SquadName/SquadID> [true|false]
This will list the members of the squad, their steam id, and their rank.
  • #resetsquadinfo <SquadName/SquadID> [true|false]
This will clear the squad information panel and generate a new random squad name