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Date November 26th, 2020
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hello everyone happy Thursday! We have another update for you and this one is a big one. So prepare your lockpicks and sharpen your screwdrives, let's dive into it! No video update from us for this one but we have shared the info with some of the content creators you may know. This is experimental as we wanted to provide some content to people that supported us through the years and gave exposure to the game. It also lightens the load from our dev team so we have more manpower on the patch itself. You can find them here:

YouTube™ Video: Scum - EXCLUSIVE LOOK - "KILLBOX" | Mission/Quest | C4 BASE RAIDING!

YouTube™ Video: Scum NEW Base Building Leak! The Future...

YouTube™ Video: SCUM Chainsaw Tutorial & Spawn Locations

YouTube™ Video: SCUM - The Drive-By Wheel barrow!


Killbox Cinematic 1.jpg

Introducing the, queue the dramatic drumroll, the Killbox! A new area added to bunkers all around the map that will surely make you fight in the forums how it should work.

This new area works pretty different to the rest of the high loot areas and will require some work to be put into it. So how does it work?

First off you will need to find a brand new item. Keycard. Keycards can be found all over the map, but there is a catch. All keycards only open a certain bunker and can only be used once. To know which bunker the keycard opens look into the keycards description.

Keycard Inventory.jpg

Once you managed to make your way to that bunker and unlocking the door you will enter the Killbox and will be greeted by a friendly voice. Once the Killbox door is opened, the 15 minute timer is started.

Killbox Opening Animation.gif

When the timer hits 2 minutes, the Killbox starts to fill with deadly poisonous gas, which you can withstand if you have the brand new gas mask.
After the timer runs out lasers activate and the Killbox is purged of all living things inside.

Gas Mask Announcement.png

"Sounds horrible why would I go in there then?" you ask.

Well my curiosity killed the cat friend, the rooms are filled with high stakes high rewards military loot, guns and ammo. These are going to be even more important since all weapon lockers across the map are now locked and need to be lockpicked. This will not only decrease the amount of military loot available all around, but also increase the survival segment of the game. Chambers of the killbox are also locked, but not with actual locks but magnetic ones. They will need to be opened by the bomb defusal minigame. Careful tho failing to unlock the door means triggering the punishment event, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Once inside the chamber you will find locked cabinets with that sweet sweet loot.

Killbox Loot Room.jpg

There are several types of cabinets and they go like this:

  • 1 rust lock - submachine gun packages
  • 2 rust locks - assault rifle packages
  • 1 silver lock - sniper rifle packages
  • 1 gold lock - 100% chance of getting C4

Wait did I just read C4? Yes, yes you did. C4 is now live and armed on the island.

C4 In Game 1.jpg

Once you get through the Killbox and manage to get into the chambers you will find a live and armed C4 explosive device which you will need to defuse. If you manage to defuse it great! You now have C4 explosive device available to you. If not, great! You are now part of the killbox decorations.

Now you may ask, why would I need C4. Well simple answer. Base raiding. C4 is the ultimate breaching tool for bases on the island. Set the C4 by the walls of that pesky neighbors that never returned that lawnmower you loaned to them 3 months ago, set it to blow, get back to a safe distance, and watch their walls disappear. What we are saying is C4 does massive damage to all base building elements.

C4 Explosion Animation 1.gif

Oh and btw we realise that we have put a bit more emphasis on the lockpicking currently so we added a smaller more common screwdriver. It has 5 uses but it still works fine.

Small Screwdriver Announcement.png

Base Building[]

We touched upon base raiding but what about base building? Some major news on that front.

We have completely revamped the way BB walls work and are made.

The old palisades were great and all but there were a lot of features we wanted to do with them that we could not, plus they kind of stuck out and were not that original feeling we wanted with the game. So introducing new walls to Base buildings.

BB Walls Cinematic 1.jpg

These walls make more sense in the abandoned island atmosphere and have a couple of nifty little features as well!

Take note that the arrow points to the outside part of the wall.

To start off we have 3 different walls:

  • Wooden walls-No skill engineering
  • Barbed walls-Basic engineering
  • Metal walls-Medium engineering

BB Walls Upgrading Animation.gif

But here is the catch, these are not 3 seperate walls. Well they are and are not at the same time.

Base building walls are now upgradeable. This means if you want to add more protection you don't have to build another set anymore. Instead simply hold F on the walls and press upgrade, a new blueprint will pop which you can fill and BAM a new wall!

BB Wall Interchangeable Example.png

With the wall changes and the new look you no longer have pillars, so now there are wall blocks. There are 6 different wall sizes and each of them have different HP and material requirements.

If you build on a steep surface, the walls will tile themselves so you will get smaller wall chunks. When you want to upgrade the walls, you need to do it chunk by chunk.

Do keep in mind you cannot immediately build Metal walls, you need to start from basic and upgrade up!

Not only walls received this upgrade but, towers, doors and doorframes as well.

You might be concerned about old bases and what happens to them. Don't worry they are still there and your stuff is protected. Old base building elements are removed as a crafting option and will degrade more and more over time to give you time to replace with new ones and keep your hermit holes safe.

We also added 2 new elements:


Placable Workbench.png

You can now craft your own workbench. It's functionality is similar to drill presses and lathe machines so you can craft ammo with it and other things that require it. But there is a trade off. All things crafted on it have only 50% durability. Which you already know can lead to weapon jamming and other nasty things

Bunk beds

Bunk Beds Cinematic.png

Let's face it, you have characters that can make constructions that can enter the list of national wonders. Yet you still sleep in that old raggedy improvised bed. Well no more as bunk beds are now available. Not only will they bring great comfort to your character they also function as the respawn point like the other does as well.

Light sources

As nights in SCUM get really dark and constructing a base at that time could be a real hassle, we added 2 new light sources.

Portable Work Light and Gas Lantern.

Light Sources Cinematic 1.jpg

The Lantern can be fueled with gas, while the Portable Work Light can be charged with batteries.

Along with the normal batteries we have, we also made the smartphone battery rechargeable. All you need is a car battery and car wires and you're ready to go.


Chainsaw Announcement.png

Well we got new base building elements and you'll need more materials to build them, especially wood. And yes you could use an axe like before to chop it down but we know you. You want power. You want strength. You want... a chainsaw! Well here you go my little lumberjacks:

Chainsaw Startup Animation.gif

the chainsaw, a saw with a chain. This tool is not here purely for the fun of it tho. Ok maybe alittle bit for the fun of it but it is quite useful. So yes you can cut everything with it, with it's own special sets of animations as well!

Chainsaw Cutting Animation.gif

So what's the real kicker? Well with the chainsaw you get more materials for each cut than you would get with the axe. So if you want to build those real big walls you have less trips to the forest. It also cuts way faster than the axe does. I mean it is a chainsaw after all.

There is a drawback tho, you will need fuel. Yes the chainsaw does indeed use fuel in order to operate. To fill it you will need 2 things, gas canister and gas itself. Once you have it simply hold F on the saw or right click it and refuel the chainsaw. Also take note that the chainsaw will not cut anything if not fueled and switched on.

So how do you turn it on? Well the controls are pretty much the same as weapons so you don't have learn that much:

  • Press R for switching it on/off.
  • Press SHIFT+R to check fuel amount.

Important thing to notice is that it takes strength to start the chainsaw. So if you create a character with low STR it will take a lot more pulls for the chainsaw to start compared to a character with high STR.

But I know what you want to know the most, you psychos. Can I chop people with it. Well yes yes and soon.

Yes you can cut at people as a melee weapon with it and yes you can chop bodies with it. Soon tho means that special melee attacks with the chainsaw are going to be implemented in the future.


Well you already saw a lot of material on this one, we did have fun with it on Twitter. But here they are in all their glory! Wheelbarrows!

Wheelbarrows Announcement.png

There are 2 types of wheelbarrows:

  • Improvised wooden wheelbarrow.
  • Metal wheelbarrow which spawns.

So there are 2 main differences between the 2.

  1. Improvised wheelbarrow has less hit points than the metal one.
  2. Improvised wheelbarrow has less inventory space than the metal one.

Now HP is important because not only do wheelbarrows take damage when you hit or shoot them, they are also susceptible to fall damage and durability drops slowly when you drive them around. So make sure you have a toolbox handy so you can make those emergency repairs.

And yes as seen live on TV you can shoot from the wheelbarrows:

Weelbarrow Drive by Animation.gif

So important thing to note when using the wheel barrows is that part of their weight carries over to the player and encumbers the weight load on the player. So let's recap some old stuff here.

Weight load[]

Weight load is total overall weight of all the gear that is currently on your character. This includes items in hand, on your back, in your inventory and everything equipped. This all matters because of the weight load threshold. Weight load threshold is a feature that is calculated from your characters STR+CON, and is different on the type of action.

There are 3 types of actions in the game: Easy, demanding and very demanding. Examples would be walking, jogging and running in the same order. Everything that a player does in the game is considered an action. This is important when talking about weight load because each type of action has its own separate weight load threshold. For an example threshold for a character build could be 40 kilo walking, 20kilos jogging and 15 kilos sprinting. Now when the weight load of the player goes over the threshold it starts to increasingly drain the players stamina, calories, water and DEX stat overall. Dexterity because it is the stat that determines the speed of action execution.

How the wheelbarrow comes into play and why revising this is important. Well part of the weight that is stored in the wheelbarrow is carried over into the overall weight load that currently encumbers the player. So, it is quite important for players to keep that in mind so they can watch their metabolism intake and stamina usage. Also, there is a mechanic in place where the game detects if you are pushing the wheelbarrow uphill or downhill. Since if you are pushing the wheelbarrow uphill most of the weight shifts backwards towards the player, weight load will increase. But if the wheelbarrow is being pushed down hill weight will shift forward on the wheel and weight load will be less but some of it will still carry on the player.

There class dismissed. Oh and lastly when destroyed the items in the wheelbarrow don't get destroyed since the wheelbarrow does not blow up.

New Items[]

We also have some new items for you fashionistas and RP players, check them out:

Short cargo pants[]

Short Cargo Pants All.jpg

New boots[]

New Boots All.jpg

New work pants[]

New Work Pants All.jpg

Jeans jersey jacket[]

Jeans Jersey Jacket All.jpg

Electrician gloves[]

Electrician Gloves All.jpg

Medical gloves[]

Medical Gloves All.jpg

Safety goggles[]

Safety Goggles Cinematic.jpg

Ear muffs[]

Ear Muffs All.jpg

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where it was sometimes possible to crash the game.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to craft cartridge trap while ammunition is in inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where crafting improvised mine would not properly use gun powder.
  • Fixed the bug where aiming with spears while not standing showed the ADS animation.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused server hang.
  • Fixed the bug where As Val would cause issues when scope was attached.
  • Fixed the bug where you could lie down underwater indefinitely.
  • Possible fix for multiplying sentries.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to connect to a server if already logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to dupe items in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the bug where destroying furniture would sometimes destroy other BB elements nearby.
  • Fixed the bug where chests would not get any weight no matter how full it is.
  • Fixed the bug where opening the door of a vehicle while someone just entered into the driver seat would get the player stuck in door opening state.
  • Fixed the bug where existing chest items would not be given the same unique id.
  • Fixed multiple chest explotation bugs.
  • Fixed the bug where secondary trap damage would not apply multipliers correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to craft suppressors with cocktails.
  • Fixed the bug where the AK47 engraved was not able to malfunction.
  • Fixed the bug where the ghillie on AK47 engraved did not render.
  • Fixed the bug where weapons do not reload properly when there is magazine from different weapon that uses the same caliber as the weapon in hand but has the larger bullet capacity.
  • Fixed the bug where the ingredients widget would go out of screen when placing wall blueprints.
  • Fixed the bug where door upgrade widget sometimes lingered when it should be invisible.
  • Fixed the bug where ingame voice communication did not work.
  • Multiple map fixes

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • All glasses are now repairable by toolbox.
  • Boombox and radio are now repairable with electrical repair kit.
  • Increased the audible range of Wolves.
  • Practice lockpicking item will now be usable even if player has 0 or less famepoints.
  • You can now choose whether the radio will play music or static noise.
  • Safe zone force fields now block projectiles.
  • Items in cabin now dropped when cabin is destroyed.
  • Various optimizations up to 10% in performance boost.
  • Reduced crafted ammo damage to BB elements.