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Date October 30th, 2020
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hello everyone and happy Halloween!!!

Yeah, we know you've been waiting for a while now for an update, we kept ourselves busy. So what were we doing that you had to wait for so long? Well check it out:

And as always you can check out the update in video format right here:

YouTube Video: SCUM - Patch Update #9 Halloween

First of all we have brought SCUM into 4.25 of Unreal Engine!! Wooopieeee!

But what does that mean for you, the average Joe?

Well SCUM now supports DirectX12, and you should see improvements in performance. If your PC was CPU bound, meaning if the CPU was a likely bottleneck for your performance, you should see an increase in FPS depending on the GPU strength. Some of our testing benches have seen a drastic increase in FPS. This all depends on your own hardware setting and not everyone will experience this optimization pass.

This is also one of the first steps for the future and a complete transfer to a brand new Unreal Engine 5. But more info about this later.

But that is definitely not all we have in store for you.


It's Halloweeen!!! And you know what that means, time to get your spook on. We prepared some new items for you all to play with se here is what you can look forward to.

But first of you will notice that the spooky main menu has returned, now with an extra few details. Can you spot them all?

Time to dress up!

Skull Mask 1.jpg

Skull Mask Cinematic.jpg

Knife Hat Cinematic 1.jpg

Knife Hat Cinematic 2.jpg

Wanted to dress up for Halloween as you chase around that fresh spawned player, but the masks that are already in are just not cutting it for you anymore? Well we added a couple of new items for you.

Candy corn[]

What is Halloween without candy? A bunch of toilet paper wrapped around houses that what. And that would lag out the server so here is some candy.

Candy Corn.png

We added a few more suprises, but why spoil the surprise itself :)


Wolves Cinematic 1.jpg

Long awaited wolves have entered the fray. These magnificent creatures will stalk your nights, and stalk in packs they will. Make sure to walk softly and carry a big gun, and check if it is loaded. Otherwise, well run and hope for the best.

Wolves Cinematic 2.jpg


We have made some new changes to the city landscape. Remember how it was all nice and tidy and the city looked damn fresh? Well away with that son, this is an abandoned island after all. We went through the city again and realized that it does not really fit with the original art style meant for the game, so a more abandoned ruined look. Rubble, tore down buildings and some last stands can be found around the city followed with some awesome new sounds to match.

City 1.jpg

Not only that, but there was a lot of work done in the background as well. There are tons of optimizations based on uhm... some nerd s*** I don't even understand, but performance boost we recorded is impressive. (especially when combined with DX12)

City 2.jpg


  • Reduced audible range for movement in bushes.
  • Added new voices for suicide puppets.
  • There is now 5% possibility that you'll produce Wilhelms scream upon death.
  • MP5SD does not cause shooters ears anymore.
  • Redesigned UMP gunshot sounds.
  • Sharp metal objects will now produce distinctive sound when used as a melee weapon.
  • Added new music to radio station.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where player was unable to unload ammo from weapon upon relog.
  • Fixed the bug where too many items were marked as expireable.
  • Fixed the bug where having a fake name would sometimes not work.
  • Fixed the NVG bug where they would sometimes glitch out.
  • Fixed the bug where foliage would not properly cover scopes in ADS.
  • Fixed the occasional movement orientation lock bug after exiting vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where a wrong icon for M82 stove pipe malfunction would show.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build floating towers.
  • Fixed the bug where it was able to place flags on top of barbecues.
  • Fixed the bug where animals would not react to getting hit with melee weapons.
  • Fixed the bug where tower ladders would have wrong sound.
  • Multiple level fixes.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Lowered weight of AK47 magazine from 0.8kg to 0.3kg.
  • Readjusted size of human animal parts that can be put into inventory.
  • Reduced spawn rate of party glasses and removed them from military loot spawners.
  • You can now place 5 locks or upgrades on doors instead of 3.
  • Animals will no longer attack a comatose prisoner.
  • Weapon ghillie is now repairable with sewing kit and adds to cammo
  • Modified the camouflage skill.
  • Cartridge traps now use only one bullet, and give ammo back when uncrafted.
  • Crafting ammo now falls under engineering instead of survival as was intended.
  • Lowered wind change rate.
  • Lowered suicide puppet explosion damage.
  • Aggroed animals will now flee if they take a serious amount of damage.
  • Increased animal capsule sizes so they don't clip through players anymore.
  • Items resting on top of base elements will now drop on the floor when the base elements are destroyed.
  • Refreshed the look of SVD

New Admin Commands[]

  • Added an admin command that lists all currently spawned animals.
  • Added a voting system.

Voting system.[]

So how does it work?

Well you have 3 possible votes:

  • #vote SetWeather
  • #vote SetTimeOfDay
  • #vote InitiateCargoDrop

The admin initializes the vote and all active players can vote with either F2 as Yes of F3 as No.

What if you change your mind you sneaky admin you. Well there is a #cancelvote as well.

In SereverSettings you also have new parameters:

  • [SCUM.Voting]
  • VotingDuration=60 - How long is it possible to vote for in seconds
  • AnnouncementDuration=10 - How long before vote goes into action in seconds
  • PlayerMinimalConsentPercentage=0.4 - Percentage of people needed to pass the vote (0.2 is 20%, 1 is 100% and so on)

That is it from us for now and we will see you soon!

Until next time and have fun!