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Date September 25th, 2020
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hello everyone, hope you've been well. We got yet another update for you so let's get to it! Want to see the summary of what was added, but in video format? As usual we released the video updated as well. Enjoy! YouTube Video: SCUM - Patch Update #8


Heard you didn't like the nightvision we had in the game? Not realistic you said, can't see anything you said. Well you know what? We kinda agree. So we have revamped the way NVG's look and feel in the game. Instead of the old brightness filter which made it possible to see through certain objects, we revamped it so it actually simulates photons hitting the lenses and the infrared light emitting from the goggles.

NVG Change.png

Different light sources will impact the vision more as well, hope you enjoy!

NVG Light Impact Animation.gif

New Animations[]

We have also implemented the new check chamber animation. This is a continuation of the check magazine feature except when you don't have, well the magazine. Instead of the old boring numeric indicator, each rifle has now received a custom animation to check if the chamber is safe or on friendly fire, I mean round load ofc.

Check Chamber Animation.gif

Pistol Holster[]

Pistol Holster Leather.jpg

A highly requested item has finally arrived. We added a new pistol last time, now you have something to carry it properly. Pistol holsters can now be crafted in the game. So get your best gunslinger voice perfected. Grab those materials and become even more tacticool.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where prisoner wallet milestone was not saving.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to put DJ Mixer Radio in inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where it was sometimes possible to become invisible.
  • Fixed the bug where animals would not continue attacking after the first hit.
  • Fixed the bug where chopping logs indoors spawned boards on wrong location.
  • Fixed the bug where animals would slide through terrain.
  • Fixed the bug where milk would not give vitamin D.
  • Fixed the bug where focus mode would stay activated after changing fire mode.
  • Fixed the bug where filling blueprints would not give XP.
  • Fixed the bug where the BB element would not snap properly if there was a previous snapped element that got destroyed in the meantime.
  • Fixed the bug where the flag area was not visible when placing the flag.
  • Fixed the bug where items in chests could not be dragged directly into hands.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes holstered weapons would still show even tough the player is out of sight.
  • Fixed the bug where it was sometimes possible to see the censor filter through scopes, even though the player was in cover.
  • Fixed the bug where you would sometimes get invisible wall blueprints when pressing the craft button real quick.
  • Fixed the bug where multiple players could sit on same chair slot.
  • Fixed the bug where multiple players could lockpick the same lock at the same time.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicles would disappear when not near them in SP mode.
  • Fixed the bug where adjusting mouse sensitivity while scoped would not work.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to bypass obstacles with vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where players was not able to use focus mode while looking around.
  • Multiple map fixes.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Added the bash ability to bows
  • Reduced the UMP45 rate of fire from 800 to 600
  • Lowered weapon decay per shot for shotguns and bolt action rifles.
  • Made the effect of flashbang grenades much more effective.
  • Added better description on expiring chests.
  • Added new weapon sway in First person (when not aiming) for all rifles, giving them more weight
  • Chest names are now only visible to owners and squadmates.
  • Adjusted the amount of animal skin available when skinning animals.
  • Added the M1911 into events.
  • Nerfed the damage bayonets did to BB elements.
  • Adjusted weight on locks.
  • Added dirty rags for crafting fire ring blueprint.
  • Magazines are now repaired with tool boxes not weapon repair kits.
  • Crafting chests is now tied to the Engineering skill.

Admin Commands[]

  • Added new admin command #setfakename
    • #setfakename <name> - Sets a fake character name for your prisoner.
      • -This will show up on the event leaderboard, BCU, squad list, name above the prisoner, kill notifications, chat etc.
    • #clearfakename - clears the fake character name
  • Added better information to kill logs regarding melee kills.That's it from us for now, we do have some major things in the future so keep an eye out.

Hope you enjoy!