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Update 08-29-18
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Date August 29, 2018
Size ?
Wipe No
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  • Clicking on back in server browser shouldn't lock the client for a couple of seconds any more
  • Potential server crash fix when looting dead body (In short, the game will crash less)
  • Various code review fixes (Programming crew told me to ignore this, but in short a lot of small bug fixes)
  • added Inventory slots to Jersey. (More inventory space for everyone whoooohoooo!!)
  • Extended world bounds (Your head wont get blown up when you get too close to the wall)
  • Fixing landscape bugs (Again more holes and slits in landscape have been patched up)
  • Grass in garage Bug Fixed
  • Fixed Pink Military boots (Now you can store a knife in there)
  • Edited Order of Craft List Items
  • Max Events players set to 16 players (When there were too many players it was not fun. Prone to changes from community feedback)
  • WIP server browser sorting (NOT DONE YET, but you will be able to sort the server list by ping, name, etc..)
  • Added talking icon for voice chat (So you know when people can hear you)
  • Removed Bundle of rag stripes from spawning. (The things that you craft should not spawn)
  • More frequent player save on server
  • Aggressive animals now more aggressive, they remain in alert instead if fleeing when provoked. (Don't mess with we really need to say that by now?)
  • Corn has better nutrition values now.
  • Sugar digestions lowered to 20min. (Treat your self)
  • Animal fat nutrition fixed (Eat smart not a lot)
  • MP5 icon and description update
  • Prisoner head is now 2x2 inventory size (Throw a dead persons head on another guy because you can)
  • Added items to prison wallet on Prisoner (People who got the supporter edition are in for a treat
  • B_4_TV Base - Fixed Stuck Sentry bug (Now you will need to take care when you go there)
  • Fixed torso rotating when swaping weapons
  • Disabled melee combat entering while in prone and switching item in hands