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Update 08-28-18
Quick Info
Date August 28, 2018
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  • Level Design Bug fixes. (The slits and holes in landscapes are patched up now, maybe not all but the ones you found, and many more)
  • Fixed bug with item drop not working properly when dragged to vicinity widget
  • Fixed client hang when entering event related to quick access (This was a potential crash)
  • Increased stone auto destruct range and timer
  • Main weapons will now auto assign to first two quick access bar slots
  • Adjusted kill notification alignment
  • Fixed bug where prisoner would die after logging-in and was drunk in the previous game session. (Hangover ain't a thing anymore)
  • Disabled stamina consumption/recovery modifiers while action is executing (No running and punching anymore)
  • Added new ACOG
  • Updated and fixed AK47 weapon animations
  • Sentry Net Cull distance set to 500 meters (Sentry renders up to 500m now)
  • Enlarged Danger areas around TV bases (Mechs gonna shoot sooner)
  • Reduced sentry mechanics attenuation - Increased attenuation of sentry warning voice (The "zip-zap" "cling-clang" sound is lower, the "I will murder your face" sound is higher)
  • New localization imported for RU and GE
  • Examine from context menu will now switch to the crafting panel
  • Disabled radio station (This one is for our youtuber folks)
  • Fixed server crash that occurs when a player that isn't participating in an event kills a player that is. (You know the thing that messed up your good moments)
  • Applied linear fall of volume for in-game voice chat (Imagine someone sliding down a big watter slide and shouting "weeee" and how he goes silent until a big "SPLASH")
  • Boar has charge attack now
  • Sentry changes light color when warning expires
  • Melee combat mode is disabled if sprinting but attack will be executed
  • Added chat box, area chat for 200m radius, also a global chat. Open the chat box with "T", and use tab to switch between global and local chat.