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Date August 21st, 2020
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch notes[]

Hello everyone and hope you are enjoying your summer! We are back with another update bringing you some new stuff, some fixes of old and cool new tools for admins.

Here we go!

New Weapons[]

Guns, guns, guns!!! To continue on the theme of 0.4 we are adding more weapons! A brand new SMG and 2 new variations of the MP5.


MP5 meet your younger, beefier brother UMP45. A blowback-operated, magazine fed, .45 caliber, high fire rate beauty. Now available on SCUM island. UMP45 Cinematic.jpg

New MP5s![]

New variations of the MP5 have arrived. Presenting the MP5SD the silent brother, and the MP5k the short brother. SD variant has an already integrated suppressor in it, for those extra operative players. While the MP5K is quite smaller making it an excellent backpack-backup solution. MP5 (SD and K variants).png

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build base building elements in prohibited areas.
  • Fixed the bug where scissors were not repairable with a toolbox.
  • Fixed the bug where the burst fire mode icon was not showing properly.
  • Fixed the bug where flare cartridges were not stackable.
  • Fixed the bug where you would sometimes glitch out in water when too heavy.
  • Fixed the bug where ghille suits were not repairable with sewing kits.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes audio of heavy fire would come from sentries, even though sentries were not firing.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes the game would crash when taking medications.
  • Fixed the check ammo bug that occurred on some weapons.
  • Fixed the bug where RPK would always show drum magazine attached when prone.
  • Fixed multiple level bugs.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Adjusted some mine activation radius.
  • You can now repair automatic weapons with basic engineering skill.
  • Replaced the blast cap with a pan as a requirement to craft improvised bottle mine.
  • Sentries no longer execute comatose prisoners.

New Admin Commands[]

  • Added a new config that allows to set respawn cost multipliers according to a number of squadmembers (online squadmembers).
  • Added a new config that allows enabling/disabling base building on the server.
  • Added a new config that allows limiting the number of squad members in squads.
  • Added a new config that allows enabling/disabling coma feature.We have also added a new config that allows server owners to limit what part of the map is actually playable.

You can utilize this by going to the new setting in dashboard [SCUM.WorldSettings]. There you will see these parameters:

  • CustomMapActive=0/1 (default is 0)
  • CustomMapCenterX=0.0
  • CustomMapCenterY=0.0
  • CustomMapWidth=10
  • CustomMapHeight=6Custom map active enables/disables this feature.

Custom map center X/Y sets the centre (co-ordinates) of the new playable zone, while Width/Height sets how big the new zone will be (in kilometers). There is also a new command #ReloadCustomMapConfig that lets you turn the custom map on/off and the size of it, without the need of restarting the server. Make sure to wait at least 30sec so the server updates the new setting before entering the command.