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Update 06-25-20
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Date June 25th, 2020
Wipe No
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Patch notes -[]

Yeap, another patch! We got some things ready for you all so let's get to it! But first, as per usual, here is the new update video.

YouTube Video: SCUM - Patch Update #6

New traps[]

We know you like traps, so why not bring more traps? Yeah, we got traps for days!

Introducing 3 new non-lethal alarm trap systems:

  • Flare alarm trap
  • Firework alarm trap
  • Silent alarm trap

Alarm Traps.jpg

So how do they work?

Well, simple. You place one down and when a pesky intruder tries to cross into your property it notifies you to get ready.

Flare alarm trap and firework alarm trap work the same. They are activated and the projectile gets shot in the air. Imagine the panic on the poor guy's face!

But what if you don't want your enemy to know you know they are there? Well, first off Sun Tzu would be proud, secondly we have a solution for that. Presenting the new Silent alarm trap.

How does it work?

First off you will need a brand new item: the cellphone.

Mobile Phone.jpg

When the pesky trespasser crosses into your territory and sets the trap off, you will receive a notification.

Silent Alarm trigger warning.png

You can also set name of each trap so you can know exactly which trap was set off.


Ever wanted to lock pick, maybe try out some bomb defusal without blowing your body parts away?

Good news! Now you can do that. We created 2 new items for you:

  • Practice bomb
  • Lockpicking board

Practice items.jpg

You can craft these with no skill, and have at it!

After all practice makes perfect, so practice away.


Ever wake up on the island, maybe had a rough night sleep and feel a bit drained?

Like you are missing something, some sort of a ritual, that little pick me up to give you a kick to start off your day?

Something like... hmmm coffee!


Know those coffee machines around the island? Well now they actually work. Loot a couple and you might just find yourself a nice, maybe not so fresh, cup of coffee!

Not only will it bring you comfort but it will also give you just a bit of an energy boost.

New Admin Commands[]

We got some new admin commands for all of you private server owners, including one of the more requested features!

Introducing #showotherplayerinfo and #showotherplayerlocations!

What do they do?

#showotherplayerinfo true/false

  • This will show all online players and their names on the map. Not only that, but you can also simply just click on their little dot and it will teleport you straight to them. Neat!

#showotherplayerlocations true/false

  • This has more or less the same function but will only show the dots without player names.

Show other players map 01.pngShow other players map 02.png

We have also made some addition to the #spawnitem command. You can now set the number of usages and health of the item when you spawn it. For an example, the commands now look like this:

  • #spawnitem Watermelon 1 Uses 50% Health 20%
  • #spawnitem Watermelon 1 Uses 3 Health 20%

As you can see, you can use either percentage or the actual numeral to set the value of the item you want.

And last but not least we have added a new parameters regarding gas consumption in the server config files:


  • Multiplier applied to the initial amount of gas in a gas station. 1.0 is default parameter(25 liters).


  • Multiplier applied to the maximum amount of gas in a gas station. 1.0 is default(150 liters).


  • Multiplier applied to how long it takes for gas stations to be replenished. 1.0 is default(every 2 minutes)


  • Multiplier applied to an amount of gas in a gas station that is replenished every replenish interval. 1.0 is default(1 liter).

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't use the Kitchen knife to destroy chests.
  • Fixed the bug when crafting cantonese sweet and sour, optional ingredients would not be used.
  • Fixed the car pushing physics.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build foundations on top of cabins
  • Fixed the bug where stake pit traps were indestructible
  • Fixed the bug where cargo drops would not spawn in Single Player
  • Fixed the bug where carrying wooden logs would sometime make you a human cobra
  • Fixed the exploit where it was possible to search another player through walls
  • Fixed the bug where items would vanish if picked up too quickly
  • Fixed the bug where squad limit would be set to 0 till Squad leader came online
  • Fixed the bug where mine kills wont give you the "Claim Kill" option
  • Fixed the bug where achievements would not get updated
  • Fixed the bug where lighting fireworks would not use fire source usage
  • Fixed the bug where boombox would clip through floor when thrown

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Added tutorial intro to the bomb defusal minigame
  • Adjusted lights on defusal minigame
  • Vehicle battery drain when starting engine, using horn, lights or radio is reduced by 50%
  • Sped up game time by 10%, allowing more diverse time of day during playthrough.
  • More optimizations

That is all for now, enjoy the update and we will see you all next time!