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Update 05-20-20
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Date May 20th, 2020
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SCUM - Patch Notes[]

New week, new patch, new video!

YouTube Video: SCUM - Patch Update #4

Unreal Engine 4.24[]

Before we go into the notes, we highly recommend that you check for the latest graphic drivers and verify your game files on steam after downloading the patch! After a long battle, we finally converted SCUM to a new version of the engine. It was a long and difficult process as we skipped 4 engine versions at once. For this reason, various problems can appear, but with your help, we will fix them. So please report any problems and issues as soon as you encounter them. The version has been extensively intensively tested, but bugs are possible because it is difficult to cover all the different hardware that players use. The reason for the transition is due to the possibilities that the new engine brings us, as well as better performance of clients and servers that will grow from version to version. Already with the first version, we achieved less CPU load on the client and server, as well as better GPU performance on the client. The transition allows us to explore DirectX 12 support in the future because 4.24 has a stable DX12 implementation.


Many players felt that the squad respawn system we had was unfair, so we added a new revive system to replace it.

  • When a prisoner takes a large amount of damage in one hit or their health drops to zero they will now fall into a coma
  • While in a coma the familiar spawn screen will appear where they can choose to respawn if they wish, but as long as they are still alive they will now have an additional timer on screen
  • This timer depends on the prisoner's constitution and determines how long the coma will last
  • If the prisoner has no health once the timer expires, they will be dead and will have to respawn using the respawn menu, but if they still have some health left they will get a new button that allows them to wake up from the coma.
  • While a prisoner is in coma, other prisoners can check their pulse, search their inventory, patch them with bandages, and attempt to revive them
  • If the revive attempt is successful, the coma timer is skipped and the comatose prisoner gets to wake up
  • In any situation when you get out of the coma, your health will be at 10%

Vehicle Damage[]

Vehicles now have visual damage on them as their health starts to drop!

Vehicle Damage.jpg


Some more fixes and updates for sentries

  • Sentries will now properly forget a player after they've been out of sight for a certain period of time
  • Simplified the surrendering process after the initial sentry detection, now it resets properly after you obey his command
  • Sentry will now leave the alerted state and enter relaxed (patrolling) state after all players have been forgotten and minimum state time expires
  • Sentries now have a very brief pause before they start shooting
  • Fixed sentries rotation occasionally snapping to players position before starting the high fire rate attack
  • Sentries now properly face the noise location
  • Sentries now step on zombies instead of walking around them
  • Sentries high fire rate attack will no longer play its sound effect while not shooting
  • Sentries now properly rotate/turn in place

Lockpicking Minigame[]

Some improvements some new shocking additions

Lock Protection[]

  • This new item is the first iteration of lock security, more of them of various qualities will be added later.
  • When someone tries to lockpick your door, and it has the lock protection on, each fail the person will be shocked and he will take 1.5% damage
  • You just drag and drop the lock protection on the door like locks, the order of lock protection and locks on the door doesn't matter
  • Lock protection will be destroyed if all locks are successfully lockpicked
  • Lock protection can be only crafted with basic engineering skill and above
  • If there are more lock protections on 1 door, the damage will add up

Lock Protection.jpg

QoL and balancing[]

  • Canceling the lockpicking minigame will now be instant
  • Lockpicking minigame can now be canceled even when lockpicking
  • Reverted lockpicking to the F key
  • Reduced the angles at which locks start turning while picking them
  • All locks have now a window of 2.75 seconds to lockpick them, and up to a bonus of 1.5 seconds on advanced thievery skill. (Less bonus time on lower skill levels)
  • Lockpick durability in the mini game now depends on the type of lock, type of the lockpick and skill. Improvised lockpick will break sooner while pressing the F key than a factory made lockpick

Spike Traps[]

We adjusted some things regarding spike traps

  • Burying spike traps now looks better
  • You can't destroy spike traps if they are buried anymore
  • Placing spike traps on wall platforms is now easier
  • Fixed spike traps getting unburied after server restart
  • Adjusted bury mound on barbed spike traps

High Loot Servers[]

We added official servers with higher loot The loot on them is x3 Servers include

  • SCUM High Loot Server #1 US East
  • SCUM High Loot Server #1 Europe


  • Patching and unpacking the game after an update should be faster now
  • Improved streaming and loading bigger locations, that should result in less hitches

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Flashlights should flicker less now when being looked at in proximity, overall blinding and intensity effects have been toned down
  • Flare projectile now illuminates better and lasts longer
  • Weapons in events now have attachments on them
  • Increased the amount of sodium urinated by 5 times
  • Base build element decay will start slower when repaired to full health
  • Repair base elements action can now be done when the elements drop to 99%, before you could repair them when it was above 99% (99.89% etc..)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where locks weren't properly lit in the lockpicking minigame
  • Fixed log sheds being buriable
  • Fixed the bug where FPS would drop if someone would bleed beside you
  • Fixed not being able to put non empty backpacks in storage shelfs and improvised wardrobes

SCUM Admin Helper[]

Today we have a special shoutout to the SCUM Italia private server. They made a pretty amazing tool for server owners to take their SCUM experience to the next level the SCUM Admin Helper. YouTube Video: SCUM Admin Helper - Free admin tool for SCUM Open Survival Game
Scum admin Helper is a tool that aims to provide a better game-experience between admin and their players. SAH offers several features that make it flexible under several aspects:

  • Map always up-to-date (available in three colors)
  • Teleport (player towards player or simply by pointing at the map)
  • Multi-Teleport (teleport simultaneously an unlimited amount of players)
  • Point Of Interests (in map there are over 100 POI that can be used to teleport in some specific locations such police stations, inside bunkers or military bases and cities)
  • Set Fame Points system (adding or removing points)
  • Customizable Currency Converter (you can set the ratio and calculate the conversion[fame points]:[currency])
  • Conversion between fame points and currency and vice versa
  • Management and creation of player lists (in game name and steamID [optional])
  • Import of player names from loging logs of G-Portal
  • User Interface always at a click (can be minimized to a float icon)
  • Multilingual (at the moment only English and Italian)
  • List of over 1300 items with pictures and link to related items
  • Spawning Items system, easy and fast without amount limits
  • Fast search of the items and filtering by category or alphabetically
  • Automatic updates (contents always up to date to the game version)

You can download here:

And if you are interested check out SCUM Italia server here:

Disclaimer: The Gamepires team is not connected to the development of this tool