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Update 04-30-20
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Date April 30th, 2020
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SCUM - Patch Notes[]

Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest patch! Here is a new video updated of some neat new features!

YouTube Video: SCUM - Patch Update #3

Vehicle Update[]

This is a big one, hope you are all ready for this! Lets dive in.

The key things in this vehicle update are that we added fuel and battery mechanics. There won't be any more infinite driving around the island. Here is how those features will work:


  • Cars now spawn with 30-50% health 0-30% fuel and 0-30% battery life
  • All cars that are on the island (cars in bases or cars that were already spawned somewhere on the island) before the patch, will have 10-30% fuel and battery life and the same health as before


  • Fuel is consumed while starting the car if the car is turned on and idle, and while driving.
  • If your car has no fuel, you won't be able to start it at all.
  • There are 2 new interactions Fill Fuel and Drain Fuel
  • You can fill fuel in your car in 2 ways, either go to a gas station or you have a gasoline canister
  • Drain fuel is used to remove gasoline from a car into a gasoline canister. You have to have the canister in hands, close vicinity or inventory


  • The car battery is drained by turning the car on, having lights turned on, radio and honking
  • If your battery is below 20% capacity turning the car on will take longer, the current time needed to turn on the car can get up to 8 seconds depending on how depleted your battery is and your driving skill
  • If your battery is empty there are 2 ways you can start your car.
    • If your car is on a downhill slope, the acceleration key (W) will simulate the clutch. So when the car starts going downhill hold the W key until it turns on, pressing the break or releasing the W key will turn the car off again.
    • If you are not on a downhill slope, you need to hold the acceleration key while another player needs to do the Push Start action on the car, this will push start the car.
  • We added a new interaction Charge Battery if your battery levels are drained
  • If your car battery is empty you need to have another car battery with at least 1 use in it to be able to charge the car battery
  • If your battery gets drained to 0% while driving lights, horn and the radio will stop working. Same applies if the battery gets drained while trying to start the car.
  • The battery will slowly empty itself during 7 days
  • The battery recharges while driving
    Car Battery and Gas Canister.jpg

Gas Station[]

  • Each gas station has a certain amount of fuel that is represented with small lights
  • The fuel at gas stations refills in time intervals
  • Gas stations have a certain amount of gas pumps that can be used to refill cars or gasoline canisters
    Gas Station.jpg


  • Fill Fuel , Drain Fuel and Charge Battery action completion time depend on your engineering skill. Each completed action gives engineering skill experience
  • Car decay now resets after a successful engine start, so if you don't have fuel or battery charges to start the car it will keep decaying, this way we hope we will counter car hoarding

Sentry Rework[]

They are just doing their job

  • Sentries now display their major states with headlight color - relaxed/patrolling as white, alerted as orange and combat as red
  • Sentries no longer instantly detect the player
  • Players now have a chance to leave the guarded zone by complying to sentries instructions after the initial spotting
  • Sentries will now destroy a vehicle blocking their movement path

Stealth Rework[]

Few more ninja tricks up our sleeves

  • After a puppet detects you you have more time to hide before it starts chasing you
  • Foliage is now 100% cover regardless of the clothes you have on (works only for the AI)
  • If a puppet comes to a distance of 2m or less when you are hidden, it will detect you regardless and attack you
  • The time frame of a puppet noticing you depends now on few things: the distance between you and the puppet, clothing you have on yourself, time of day and weather conditions
  • The eye that represented your visibility now is an indicator that shows when it fills up means that puppets and sentries spotted you

Stealth Eye Visibility.jpg

FoV Additions[]

Never enough FoV sliders

FoV Sliders.jpg


Some improvements, some swag...


  • The boombox is pretty much the same as a radio, just with more swag
  • New music for the radio
  • New sentry voice lines
  • Fireworks attracts sentries and puppets

Base Building Elements[]

We added new storage elements to base building

Log Shed.jpg

  • You have 2 new log storage buildings, small and big shed.
  • You can store big logs, small logs, planks and sticks into them

Improvised Wardrobe and Storage Shelf.jpg

  • 2 new storage elements for your items to reduce the need for hoarding chests
  • The wardrobe has the horizontal size as a metal chest and the vertical size as 3 metal chests
  • The storage shelf has the horizontal size as a metal chest and the vertical size as 6 metal chests

Lockpicking Changes[]

We added some QoL to the minigame so its easier to use


  • The minigame will have an intro with instructions now
  • Space key starts the minigame
  • Left click is used for lock picking instead of the F key
  • ESC is used to exit the minigame while the info screen is active
  • After an unsuccessful lockpick try you will be returned to the info screen
  • Lock picking option will no longer be present when you have 0 fame points

Admin Commands[]

  • Admin drone will be able to look inside chests and see its content


  • We did work on our streaming. So now you should encounter fewer hitches and fps drops while going into populated areas
  • Also foliage optimizations that should result in smoother gameplay in nature biomes

Quality Of Life Additions[]

  • Damaged inventory cells will now start appearing at lower durability levels, depending on the item type
  • Added more usage to watermelon so it doesn't instantly fill up your stomach volume
  • Empty bag can now be crafted with rag stripes as well
  • Cooker bomb can now be crafted with basic demolition skill
  • Pipe bomb recipe adjusted, removed wire from it and added 3 rubber bands and 1 use of matches
  • Buried traps are now less visible and blend better with terrain
  • Chests now have 25% more inventory space vertical
  • All bows should now be fixable with a toolbox

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed bug where you could trigger your own traps with a vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to stack items over the stack limit in some cases
  • Fixed stake pit traps not being defusable
  • Fixed a bug where the vicinity panel would be stretched over the entire screen after accessing a car or chest inventory
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to add items to clothes over their weight limit
  • Fixed base element owner names sometimes not visible in drone mode
  • Fixed traps sometimes getting triggered by squadmates
  • Fixed barbed spike traps despawning too soon
  • Fixed water levels in some food items
  • Fixed a PvP crash connected to smoke and dead bodies
  • Fixed bug with M1 reload playing insert clip when there is one bullet in weapon and only ammo in inventory