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Dead Water Update
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Date March 31st, 2021
Wipe No
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Hello everyone! The wait is over! Stretch out your sea legs because 0.5 has finally arrived!

Dead Water Update Announcement Graphic.jpg

It has been a wild ride but we are finally here with the update, but you waited long enough so let's just get into the good stuff.

Don't forget to check out the trailer as well:

YouTube™ Video: SCUM - 0.5 Patch Official Trailer

The Island Graphic.png

Major update regarding the island, in more ways than one. Here is what awaits you:

Map Expansion[]

As you have seen before we have expanded the map with a new row and column of sectors!

Dead Water Map Expantion.jpg

To the east you will find new wild lands, filled with cold tundra and dangerous mountain terrain, starting with a river that is moving south through lush forest area with a few buildings here and there giving that authentic rural feeling. Some bunkers remain here to there from former TEC01 operations , giving you access to that sweet high tear loot.

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 1.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 2.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 3.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 4.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 5.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 6.jpg

Dead Water Map Expantion Cinematic 7.jpg

These new sectors are named A0, B0, C0, D0 respectfully because where do you go from 1?

And then we have South. You already saw it but we have a complete new island fleshed out and ready for players to entertain the SCUM audience worldwide on. New POIs docks and much more. As for the docks, more on that later but enjoy some screenshots for now.

Brick factory[]

First up of the new POI you will find, we have the brick factory. A common sight across Croatia as we are used to selling bricks to each other. If you are looking for them building materials, this will be a must visit location. Or just need bricks to throw at others, that works too.

Brick Factory 1.jpg

Brick Factory 2.jpg

Brick Factory 3.jpg

Weapons factory[]

Next one up is the weapons factory. Highly dangerous new military area, filled with that sweet loot. Approachable by sea or land, just be careful about the still active mechs roaming around and other snipers waiting for you to exit with "their" loot.

Weapons Factory 1.jpg

Weapons Factory 2.jpg

Weapons Factory 3.jpg

Weapons Factory 4.jpg

Small shipyard[]

Here is something the RP community and fishermen will appreciate. A small shipyard in the middle of nowhere.

Small Shipyard 1.jpg


It would not be true Croatian coastline without them windmills. One of the tallest landmarks on the island will make sure you will be able to meet your friends or foes with little issue on the island.

Windmills 1.jpg

Windmills 2.jpg

And many more secrets wait for you on the island, but why spoil the surprise. Now new terrain is not the only change we have on the island. Let me introduce the next big change.

Weather Rework[]

We have completely revamped the weather system in the game. From day and night cycles, clouds and chance of rain to the night time and moon phases. It is a major overhaul, and it looks amazing if I may say so myself. Now I know what you are thinking, "Hey Dev team are you really gonna make it so just NASA computers can run this". Well worry not friends. Remember last patch how we mentioned 4.26 and how it was crucial for this one? There were a lot of optimizations for this, so the game will run smoother than it did. But without boring you with all the technical stuff let's just show you what we mean.

Weather Rework 1.jpg

Weather Rework 2.jpg

Weather Rework 3.jpg

The weather now also influences the waves as well, more wind and worse the weather is, the bigger the waves are.

Wave Rework Animation.gif

Now there were a lot of complaints about nights being too dark or too light depending on which version we are talking about. We promised we will look into it and do it properly and are now delivering on that promise. We now have simulated moon cycles. Depending on the weather and which moon cycle it is, you will now be able to see/not see more clearly at night.

Moon Cycles.gif

Boats Graphic.png

We have a new island, we have a new river, so it is time for some naval means of transportation. Boats are now available. There are different kinds of boats and we will divide them into 3 categories:

  • Motor boats.

Motor Boats Announcement.png

  • Sail boats.

Sail Boats Announcement.png

  • Paddle boards

Paddle Boards Announcement.png

By those categories it is pretty self explanatory, there are 3 different propulsion systems: Motors, sails and paddles. Let's start with the simplest one:

Motor boats[]

Well it's boat with a big ass motor attached to it, what more do you want? What more do you need? How they work is pretty simple. First off you will need some gas in the tank, then you need to enter the driver seat and start the engine. After that your boat goes brrrm and on your merry way you go.

Motor Boat Start Animation.gif

And if you happen to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, don't worry. The boats come with side paddles. Going to take a little longer and you will be prime target for snipers, but hey you are still moving.

Motor Boat Row Animation.gif

Paddle boards There are 2 in the game, the found on level PDU boards and craftable small rafts. The smallest and slowest in the game, but also the stealthiest. To operate it, you will not only need to craft or find the board you will also need to find or craft a paddle. Once you have both, you just climb on and paddle away.

Paddle Boards Paddle Animation.gif

Sail boats Currently we only have one, but the support is there for possibly more. The improvised big raft is one of the new boats you can craft. it is a big one that can carry more people and inventory so it will require quite a bit of materials. On first hand sailing these boats might seem simple enough but it has nuances. Wind actually does matter. That is right, don't expect you will be able to just drop the sail and go whatever direction you wish. Direct the raft against the wind and it will slow you down, or even push you backwards. You will need to actually watch the wind and sail with it to get where you need to go.

Sail Boats Driving Animation.gif


But the deep blue is not without it's dangers. Striking from the deep and just waiting for their prey, sharks now roam these waters. Sharp teeth, big fins, and swimming around humming dum dum dum dum dum, at least that's what moves showed me. So careful on the boats and don't fall off.

Fish Shark.png

If you do fall off and you see one of these magnificent creatures, swim hard and swim fast. Unfortunately for you, sharks are faster. So what happens when one snatches you? Well you still have a chance. A new minigame is set up: mash that F button, but not to pay respects, but to escape free. You have a little circle that you need to keep on green for the big circle to fill. Once full you have successfully escaped the jaws, for now.

Shark Attack Animation.gif

Fishing Graphic.png

Alright survival fanatics, here is the one you've been wanting and asked for a long time. Fishy fish fishing. Lot of information here so pay close attention! Instead of making fish puns here, and trust me I have a lot of them, you will find the important details about fish, fishing equipment and how to actually fish. So let's start with fish and types.


Saltwater Fishing.jpg

  • Sardine
    • Size: S
    • Weight: 0.1-0.4kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Dentex
    • Size: L
    • Weight: 8-16kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Orata
    • Size: L
    • Weight: 5-10kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Tuna
    • Size: XL
    • Weight: 2-4kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Shark
    • Size: XXL
    • Weight: 300-800kg
    • Predator: Yes

Freshwater fish.

Freshwater Fishing.jpg

  • Bass
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 1-3kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Catfish
    • Size: L
    • Weight: 5-30kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Pike
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 1-3kg
    • Predator: Yes
  • Carp
    • Size: L
    • Weight: 5-20kg
    • Predator: No
  • Amur
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 2-5kg
    • Predator: No
  • Bleak
    • Size: S
    • Weight: 0.1-0.4kg
    • Predator: No
  • Chub
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 2-4kg
    • Predator: No
  • Ruffe
    • Size: S
    • Weight: 0.1-0.3kg
    • Predator: No
  • Prussian carp
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 0.2-1kg
    • Predator: No
  • Crucian carp
    • Size: M
    • Weight: 0.5-2kg
    • Predator: No

Now let's get to fishing itself.

First thing you need the necessary tools: A rod, reel, line, bait, hook and floater.

Here are all the available:

Fishing Rods All.jpg

Fishing Reels All.jpg

Fishing Line Spool All.jpg

Fishing Line Single All.jpg

Fish Bait All.jpg

Fishing Hooks All.jpg

You got it? Good, now read carefully.

Once you have all of those equipped and the rod in your hands , if you enter combat mode or press left click, you will enter the first phase of fishing: casting the line. Depending how long you hold the left click, that's how far you will throw the line.

Fishing Cast Animation.gif

After the line has hit the waters , you will have to keep an eye out for your floater. When it goes under water, press left click to yank the line and see if anything has been hooked. If a fish has bitten then you enter the second phase of fishing : the reeling

Fishing Wait Animation.gif

You will see a bar on your right side that will rise and fall as you reel and let go of your hooked fish. The fish will pull back and try to snap your line. Various fishing lines will have different strengths and you will be able to catch bigger fish. You can reel by using the scroll wheel (scroll down to reel the line closer, scroll up to release the line). You can also use the shift key to reel in faster. If you stay in the red zone for too long while trying to reel in your fish, your fishing line will snap and you will lose your line, floater, hook and bait so you will need to balance your reeling while fishing.

Fishing Hook Animation.gif

If you manage to reel the fish in, you will see your catch in front of you, with a little window showcasing its length, weight, and if you want to keep the fish or release it back into the water.

Fishing Reel Animation.gif

Keep in mind that you need different bait to capture different fish. We will let you experiment with that. A little hint, try converting the little fish into baits to catch bigger fish.

New Items[]

Rubber Rat-a-tat.jpg

Presenting the Automatic slingshot crossbow created by the one and only Jörg Sprave. Completely craftable this thing will make you one of the most feared people on the island. Especially once you load it with one of these:

Explosive Arrows and Bolts.jpg

For all of you that wanted to RP Rambo we added explosive arrows and explosive bolts. Load it in, fire, wait for the beeping to stop, KABOOOM. We also added another new type of arrow and bolt to spread love on the island, but I'm not adding that here.


As for audio changes, along all of the new sounds for the features implemented, we have another nifty little feature.

You can now hear the direction the wind blows.

Now Rale can't tweet I forgot about him in the patch notes again.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where some windows could not have window fortifications but they should.
  • Cleaned some typos from descriptions.
  • Multiple level fixes.
  • Fixed the bug where it was able to drag traps after exploding.
  • Fixed the bug where the game would sometimes crash when interacting with metal detectors.
  • Fixed the bug where a cabin destroyed by decay would not destroy the doors as well.
  • Fixed the bug where PROM mines were not detectable by metal detectors.
  • Fixed the bug where you could place multiple doors on one frame.
  • Fixed the bug where it would cost the same amount of resources to build 5m and 10m walls.
  • Fixed the bug where the options menu could remain open when you resume the game.
  • Fixed the bug where handguns could disappear when placed in damaged weapon holster.
  • Fixed the bug where clients would not see chopping animations.
  • Fixed the bug where chopping equipped clothes would not unequip them.
  • Fixed lockpicking mouse sensitivity being overridden with drone mouse sensitivity.
  • Fixed the bug when pistol is dropped when being dragged from container to prisoner back holsters
  • Fixed items sometimes not dropping when destroying bb towers.
  • Fixed the exploit where players could sometimes pass through walls.
  • Reduced wetness extra weight for improvised bulletproof armor.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Added new rebindable hotkeys for weapon malfunctions.
  • Added Vulkan support to the launch options (experimental).
  • You can now get full AKS47u, RPK and SVD sets in killboxes.
  • Added craftable improvised bucket.
  • Added ability to put out fires with liquids.
  • Added ability to fill Gas Canisters with water.
  • Added major streaming optimizations.
  • Added the option to adjust Streaming speed
  • Better FP animations when entering vehicles.
  • The malfunction widget will now restrict the mouse cursor to pick one of its options, making aiming for those buttons a bit easier.
  • Mines are now always triggered when walking over them.
  • Added mouse raw input support.
  • Wooden chests now decay faster if burried.

Admin Commands[]

  • Trap kills will now be logged even if the mine does not have an owner.
  • Added new command: #SetTimeSpeed <Value> Sets the time of day speed to a specified value.