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Date March 2nd, 2021
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hey hey, people. Time for another regular update! Not 0.5 yet but an important step towards it. Find out more below!

Unreal Version 4.26[]

With this update we have transitioned from 4.25 to 4.26.

Now what does this mean? Well a lot of things in the future and a major step towards 0.5. One might say the biggest step. It allows us much needed support for the features planned for 0.5. The transition tho might not be as easy as we see it or is expected. Or better yet some issues and problems are expected right now but better to get them away now rather than have them in 0.5.

So please any and all issues you may encounter in this patch, no matter how small or big please report them to us so we can improve the experience for everyone!

Thank you!

Metal Detector[]

Metal Detectors All.png

Even though we know yall managed to make your own "improvised metal/mine detectors", here are some actual legit ones.

Heading to a well known POI and don't want to die from mines? Pop out the metal detector.

You have a suspicion that some sneaky nemesis buried his loot in the area? Pop out the metal detector.

You want to roleplay that weird old guy at the beach looking for treasure? Pop out the metal detector.

Want to find remnants of aliens so you can bother everyone on social media? Pop out the metal detector.

So how does it work ingame?

First off we have 2 of them as the picture shows, military and improvised. So here is the difference between them.

  • Improvised cannot be repaired while Military can be with Electrician toolkit.
  • Military has bigger range than improvised.
  • Military holds bigger battery than improvised.

To craft an improvised metal detector, in addition to items required you will also need at least medium engineering skill.

Now, as for the mechanic itself it's pretty simple. You will need to have the detector in your hands and some battery charge. Then simply press TAB and right click it for the Turn on option.

Metal Detectors Turn On Animation.gif

Your character will start sweeping the ground looking for any metal. Proper metal not that pozer stuff the mainstream listens to, but that hardcore band you found one night drunk at 3am on youtube.

Metal Detector Using Animation.gif

You will hear beeping sound and closer you are to a find the more frequent will beeping be. It is that simple.


Zappers All.png

Alright hoarders your time to shine now. Presenting further lock protection!

Got tired of the same old zappers and want some spice in that zap? We got you.

There are now 3 different zappers:

  • Level 1- Basic
  • Level 2 - Medium
  • Level 3 - Advanced

For each zapper you need the appropriate engineering skill. So basic for basic, medium for medium and advanced for advanced.

Appropriately they each do different damage:

  • Level 1- 0.5 per fail.
  • Level 2 - 1 per fail.
  • Level 3 - 1.5 per fail.

Now you see the previous change of separating slots was actually planned, shocking I know!


Or better to say one sign. Yo want to tell people you mean business about protecting your base? Or you could just place it on empty field to troll others. A new sign got you covered:

Signs Cinematic.jpg

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build some floating elements.
  • Fixed a possible ammo duplication bug.
  • Fixed the bug where the game would reset your settings on restart.
  • Fixed the bug where some parts of scope reticles could become invisible.
  • Fixed the bug where flare sound would hang after player would get shot by it.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to melee autolock on players behind cover (walls etc.).
  • Fixed the bug where lock breaking would not give Thievery XP.
  • Fixed the bug where Sentry audio would hang.
  • Fixed the bug where some placed items could not be destroyed.
  • Fixed the bug where killbox drops would give incorrect loot.
  • Fixed the bug where puppet growl sounds would sometimes hang.
  • Fixed the bug where admin drone would become a fidget spinner when slowing down.
  • Fixed the bug where you could get stuck when opening the map and searching the container.
  • Fixed the bug where arrows and bolts shot in events could be used after the event.
  • Multiple level fixes.
  • Fixed the bug where C4 was still visible after detonation.
  • Fixed the bug where you could build window fortifications outside of windows.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Squad rank lock accessibility now available for doors as well.
  • You can now adjust light level on lanterns.
  • You can now drink soy sauce if you want.
  • You can no longer bury items in H barriers.
  • Item attachments will now take damage if the item takes damage.
  • Added an option to map ADS hold/toggle.
  • Remapped scope zoom to mousewheel due to feature above.
  • Chests are no longer damaged by melee or explosives.
  • Mines now decay after 10 days when inside friendly flag area.
  • Mines now decay faster when outside friendly flag area.
  • Mines now activate on anyone when outside friendly flag area.

Admin Commands[]

  • Player names are now hidden when drone HUD is disabled.
  • Admins can now spawn small animals.
  • Server owners can now choose to disable lethal traps/mines on the server.

A new command is added:

#renameVehicle <idOrAlias> <Alias>

First argument is the ID (or alias if it has one) of the vehicle. The other argument is the new alias of the vehicle. Alias is case insensitive and it cannot be a number.

Command #destroyVehicle <idOrAlias> can be used with ID or alias.

Command #listSpawnedVehicles will now also display the alias of the vehicle if it has one as the last column.

Command #teleportToVehicle <idOrAlias> <player> can be used with ID or alias.

That's all from us for now folks!