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Date February 5th, 2021
Wipe No
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SCUM - Patch[]

Hello folks happy Friday! Nope, it's not 0.5 yet but don't worry it's coming just a little bit more patience. In the meanwhile we are back with our regular updates for you, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

Base Building[]

Single doors[]

It's been a while but fret no further, the single BB doors are making their return. Weather you want to make a whole maze system, make an escape route or just don't want people entering with vehicles.


And yes these new doors are upgradeable!




As you might've already seen in an announcement made, we have changed the way locking doors work. Instead of just having 5 slots free willy nilly, it is now divided into sections:

  • Locks
  • Lock protection.


This was setup due to balancing reasons. Originally there were always 3 locks maximum planned for the doors.

  • Level 1 doors will have 2 slots for locks and 1 slot for zappers.
  • Level 2 doors will have 2 slots for locks and 2 slots for zappers.
  • Level 3 doors will have 3 slots for locks and 2 slots for zappers.
  • Pre built doors and cabin doors will have 3 slots for locks and 1 slot for zappers.

Cargo Drop Changes[]

Some major changes coming to the cargo drop.


From now on you will see a screen on the cargo drop giving you a timer of how long you got before the drop goes kaboom. Why is this important? Well from now on all lockers inside cargo drops will be locked. That's right, from now on you won't be able to just rush it get all the gear grab it and run off in 1min. Need to put the effort in. However, when the timer hits 25 seconds all lockers will automatically get unlocked. So you still have time to grab something and run.

Now you might be thinking: "I don't like lockpicking, these changes seem to be a bit harsh."

Well finally we have a solution for you.

Lock Breaking[]


Crowbar lock breaking can be done only on lockers on the island ( in police stations, inside bunkers, cargo drop lockers).

So what else do you need to break those pesky locks? Well the action is tied to the STR stat and Thievery skill. Higher those numbers are the quicker you will get it open, but if those 2 are too low don't worry you can still get it open, it just takes a bit longer. Also be careful about the noise there, breaking locks is not exactly a ninja thing to do.

Breaking locks this way will damage your crowbar and the contents of the container.

Well Improvements[]

Gone are the days of endlessly drinking from wells!

Wells and water pumps now have a finite amount of water in them. They refill over time and you can always check the amount of water in a well by holding F on it and pressing the new "Check" function.

Now why does that matter you ask?

Because now you can do so much more with your bottles instead of drinking them and throwing them away. You can now transfer liquids between different containers!


Don't want to carry an entire gasoline canister with only 6 uses? Fill that empty Lime Soda in your inventory with gasoline!

You want to gather some fuel reserves at the gas station but don't have a gasoline canister? Those 11 empty water bottles will do the trick!

By holding "F" on a container with liquid, you have 2 new options - Check and Spill.

By using the "Check" function you will get a notification telling you which liquid is in the container.

By using the "Spill" function, you will spill its contents on the ground, allowing you to fill it with a different liquid.


You also do not have to trek to the nearest shore or lake or river to wash you clothes, you can now scrub that blood off at any well! Squeaky clean!

Oh and btw before you madmen start building wells on top of wells on top of wells, only one 1 Water well can be placed per flag, and water wells are disabled outside flag areas.

Squad Locks[]

No longer will you have to fret about sneaky squadmates grabbing stuff from chests and vehicles they shouldn't have access to!


Now you can set specific permissions for locks on vehicles and chests in regards to the squad rank!

If you want a chest or vehicle to be locked for everyone regarding of squad rank, you have the "Private" option.

The squad ranks from highest to lowest are as follows:

Boss, Underboss, Enforcer, Member.

'Underboss' lock access allows only him and the Boss ranks to access the inventory.

'Member' lock access allows all ranks to access the inventory.

The person who placed the lock on the chest or vehicle will always have access to it.


Weapons and attachments, always had a special place in our hearts. Everyone likes to costumize their weapons their own way so we added 2 more attachments to the roster.

2 new suppresors for all you loud ninjas out there, one for the Mosin Nagant M1891 and one for the Kar98 rifle. These can be found in WW2 bunkers, just be careful with the mines!


Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the bug where destroying foundations near walls or frames it would destroy them as well.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build floating platforms.
  • Fixed the bug where buried traps would sometimes show wrong materials.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to arm traps while still in inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to see Pick Lock interaction even though it should not be possible.
  • Fixed the bug where wardrobe name would disappear after lockpicking.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not fix construction boots.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not sharpen cleavers.
  • Fixed the bug where wire cutters were not repairable.
  • Fixed the bug where large items in hands would clip through vehicles while entering/exiting.
  • Fixed the bug where holstered weapons would be visible after swapping them while in vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug where Graphic Presets and Dynamic Shadows Quality not showing correct values even though they were properly applied.
  • Fixed the bug where hitting players with cut off arms would not produce correct sound.
  • Multiple level fixes.

Quality of Life Additions[]

  • Modified glove pressure stats when lockpicking.
  • M9 bayonets now deal insignificant damage to BB elements.
  • Reduced damage arrows and bolts deal to players.
  • Disabled the ability to place BB elements on pre constructed Hunting towers.
  • Major improvement in optimizations concerning the amount of items around player.
  • Returning from a game event will now restore the players stance that was active before the event.
  • Adjusted max contained weight on longsheds and tractors.
  • Vehicles should no longer decay in Singleplayer.
  • Replace Rusty lock with Iron lock

Admin Commands[]

We have a new feature incoming for Private servers, and a highly requested one. You can now officially set up your own PvE zones!


PVE SafeZones:

Something new you should find in your server settings is a section dedicated to Custom PvE Zones.

They work similar to how you setup custom zones to play in. Set your X and Y coordinates where the center of the zone will be, set the radius of the zone, determine which types of damage do you want to block or allow, and give your zone a cool name!

Server needs to be restarted after each change .

The following damages can be blocked or allowed:

  • Boxing Damage,
  • Melee Weapon Damage,
  • Throwing Damage,
  • Projectile Damage,
  • Explosive Damage (including vehicle explosions and suicide puppet explosions)
  • Damage to Bases
  • Damage to Vehicles.

And yes you can setup each zone differently.