The Tri Lam House (aka The Wood House) was located at 2161 Empire Grade and was a functioning house-venue between 2003 and 2004. Cass McCombs, the Anchors, the Technicolour Sound, The Blow (WA), Ghosts of Progress, Woolly Mar, Walpurgis Night, Cuspidor, 300 Pounds, and Mia Riddle (of the Catastrophes) were just some of the bands to play there.

A memorable event took place on May 10, 2003. More than 18 bands were booked to play the entire day; one ‘stage’ inside the house, and one out on the lawn. Before the touring acts (Cass McCombs and the Anchors) could play their set, the land-lords of the property showed up due to neighbor complaints. Oddly enough, they hung out the rest of the show, and did not pull the plug on the event.

At another show for the Blow and Anna Oxygen in 2003, a drunk attendee hit the house with his car and then left it to walk home. He was a rabid Angels fan.

All of the folks responsible for setting up the shows moved out of the house at the end of June 2004. The last show (June 12) was by two acts that started within its walls, Day-Dreamer and Ghosts of Progress.

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