Travis Stebbins is a Scotts Valley born musician. He began his work with The Head Dwellers and has expanded in the Eurobeat field as "Odyssey", "Ken Blast" and "Eurobeat Brony".

Before Head Dwellers Edit

Travis was born in the summer of 1989 to a family of musicians. Music was a part of his daily lifestyle, and as such he was raised on a wide variety of musical styles and artists, ranging from Bob Marley to Kraftwerk to Devo to Kansas. Joining forces with his brother and sister, the three formed "T3" or "TTrio" (a definitive name has not yet been decided), which performed at the Scotts Valley Middle School Talent Show in 2001. Travis later performed solo at the same show in 2002.

Head Dwellers Edit

Travis met friends Cameron Miller, Joshua Augason and others at school at this time, and eventually joined a small Oingo Boingo cover band, along with Alex Fosgreen, Kyle Romer, and other members. With the creation of new pieces, the name changed to "African Government House". Although some accused this new name of racism, the point was made that assuming that the name implied racism was racist in itself. Nevertheless, the name eventually shifted to "Cackling Jackals", then to "The Head Dwellers". During this period, Alex and Kyle left, the latter joining "Sloppy Joe and the Lunchables". Travis began as solely the keyboard player for The Head Dwellers; in its final form, he played keyboards and drums, as well as provided vocals on two original songs ("One Dollar Short" and "Sleepy Town")

Odyssey & Ken Blast Edit

Before his ventures with Head Dwellers, Travis began composing in general MIDI at about the age of 12. His work consisted of simple covers of whatever he had in mind, and the musical quality itself was low. However, with time and persistance, Travis developed a style of his own, blending New Wave, Eurobeat, J-Pop and elements of Danny Elfman into his own musical creations. The first definitive piece he placed onto his Myspace account under the name Odyssey was titled "Terror". Since then he has used the "Odyssey" moniker almost exclusively for his higher-energy exploits.

These pieces have allowed Travis to enter the Eurobeat genre under the alias "Ken Blast". He now has three pieces on the Super Eurobeat compilations, on volumes 201, 209, and 217. The last of these pieces, "The Top", has been slated to appear in the arcade game "Initial D 7 AAX".

F!lter Edit

F!lter is the name for the cancelled project Travis has been organizing and writing for as of October 2006. According to Travis, it will be "Basically an 80's rock band with a little dash of awesome".

The name changed to Just Add Fire for many reasons, and began practicing as of October 2007. They disbanded approximately two months later.

Post–F!lter Edit

Travis' presence in the Eurobeat genre has grown exponentially since his first release on Super Eurobeat. In fact, the bulk of his work since F!lter's conclusion has been almost exclusively in this style, as evidenced by the genre's prevalence in his personal releases.

Since the band's dissolution, Travis has focused mostly on his Eurobeat work. However, rumors of an undisclosed project with former bandmates Kevin Belling and Cameron Miller for inclusion in "My Life as a Pixel Vol.2" suggests that Travis has not ENTIRELY sold out to all things synthy and techie. (The project has since come to fruition, producing the single "Caffeinated World" on the album.)

Notable Works & Discography Edit

  • My Life as a Pixel Vol.1 (Self-published Album, as Odyssey, Mortimer, and T. Stebbins)
  • Super Eurobeat Vol. 201, 209 & 217 (Vocalist as Ken Blast, Writer/Composer as T. Stebbins)
  • I Breathe Fire (Self-published Single, as Odyssey)
  • TOHO EUROBEAT Vol. 1-6 (Writer/Composer/Vocalist/Producer, as T. Stebbins, Mortimer and Odyssey & The DNA Team)
  • MOST EXTREME ULTIMATE THUNDER (Writer/Composer/Vocalist, as Magic Hammer)
  • Super Ponybeat Vol.1 & Vol.2 (Self-published Remix Album, as Eurobeat Brony)
  • Magnetic Love (Self-published single, as T. Stebbins featuring former bandmate Cameron Miller on acoustic guitar)
  • Dollar Short (with The Head Dwellers)
  • Sleepy Town (with The Head Dwellers)

Trivia Edit

  • Travis has, since the indefinite hiatus of The Head Dwellers, acquired a Roland AX-7 Keytar, making him one of two (possibly three) owners of a Roland AX-7 in Santa Cruz county, one of which being the pastor at Travis' church.
  • Travis occasionally works under the moniker "The DNA Team", traditionally for works not in his traditional Eurobeat style.
  • Travis has a tendency to toot his own horn, as evidenced by his edits in this very article.
  • Not to be confused with: Travis Cone

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