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every outpost has each of the traders but not the same economy or stock!

each outpost tracks on the traffic of the same outpost and the more trade in it the higher the prosperity. That means that traders in that outpost will have more funds and a bigger stock available to do business with players.

We also have a stock system for all traders. Not every trader have what you need in stock even if it is on the list. If you are trying to buy something and the count remains the same it means that trader has no more stock of the same item. And lastly of course the price you will get for an item will be affected by the durability of the said item.


For the buy option interact with the trader and interact to the buy menu.

On the screen you will see selection of items available at the trader.

Buy Annimation 1.gif

Once you select the item you wish the buy you can choose the amount of which you want to add to cart and it will show the related items if you want to get those as well. Once you selected what you want to get press on the CART button.

Buy Annimation 2.gif

In the cart you will get a chance to review the items you want to buy one more time. If you are satisfied with your choice and you have the funds you can go ahead and purchase the items.

Buy Annimation 3.gif

Your purchased items are going to temporarily be placed in the depot and await for you to transfer them to your inventory. Be careful tho, if you logout, leave the area or sit around for too long the trader will take items back with no refund. This is not your personal safe to keep the items.


For the sell option interact with the trader and interact to the sell menu.

Sell Annimation 1.gif

Just click to pick the items you wish to sell and then press the sell button. If the trader has enough funds the cash will be transferred to a free inventory slot you have or be dropped in vicinity if not, where it is finder keepers.


Buying/selling vehicles work similarly to the rest of the items. The difference is for selling you need to park near the mechanic for it to show up in vicinity so you can sell it, and when buying a vehicle it will spawn in front of the mechanic.

Price effects[]

Prices are effected by the following factors:

  • Number of players online
  • Quantity purchased/sold recently

Trade locations[]


A0 Outpost[]

B4 Outpost[]

C2 Outpost[]

Z3 Outpost[]

Types of traders[]

General Store[]

General goods, materials, food


Vehicles and vehicle related items


Guns and ammo


Still being implemented

Change History[]

Update 06-02-22 Buying and selling prices now depend on the number of online players.
Update 04-21-22 Mines will no longer show up on trader inventory if server setting disables mines
Update 03-14-22 Added Trading