Tracy Minicucci fronted the Santa Cruz rock machine that was The Muggs from 1995 to 2000.

After the Muggs broke up in 2000, Tracy put together a Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute, Banana Split Lady. Featuring Tracy on vocals, bass, Ches Smith on drums (Prayer Wheel, The Muggs) Norm Wolfe on guitar (Prayer Wheel, Stockton), Cristina Armijo (Soda Pop Fuck You, Outline Kit) on backing vocals and percussion and Chris Gravier on guitar. B.S.L played one show only at Kimo's in San Francisco.

From 2001- 2007 Tracy lived in Providence, Rhode Island.

After briefly forming a band, Gull, in 2004 Tracy broke off from Gull with guitar player John Vital (Los Halos, Swisher, Darling Commit, the Low Numbers) from Philadelphia to form Midnight 1,2,3. Tracy and John self-released a cd in 2006.

in 2012 she self-released solo record "All My Charms".

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