The Warehouse (aka Balls in Mouth House and Amitai's Lair) was a Santa Cruz venue between December 6, 2003 and March 4, 2005. They stopped having shows there because of continued police threats, although the house never received a ticket. By mid-2005, everyone had moved out. The Warehouse was located at 115 #F Harvey West Blvd. The last show was on March 4, 2005 and featured Mammatus.

Sabina Holber moved into The Warehouse in August 2003 with Jerry Encoe and David Novick. They lived there for a month before Josh and Matt Brown moved in. Josh moved out and Steve Whitwil moved in. Then John Garmon moved in. In March 2005 Sabina moved to Oakland.

The Menses were the house band at The Warehouse for a really long time. They recorded an album there and for a while they were the only band there. Later, practices were split up into two days per housemate and Saturdays for shows.

The first show was on December 6, 2003. Comets on Fire, The Gris Gris, Handel and the Cuts were on the bill. It is described by many people as one of the best shows they've ever attended. Sabina accidentally knocked over Ben Chasny's guitar and muttered "Chasny schmasny." She later described the night as "one of those rare shows that with each successional band you don't think the music can get better, and at the end you fall asleep shaking, it felt so good." Richard Meyers captured a lot of the show on video.

Another memorable show at The Warehouse was the February 21, 2004 Handel, Dik Diks and Americas show. This was a show in which the general audience vibe was downright awesome. It was Handel's last show with Noah Lacano, before they became the Residual Echoes with Micah Warren. Jerry was a guest guitarist on "Funhouse", a very long time before he joined the band officially. Nevin Smith also guest trumpeted. The Dik Diks had Micah singing. This show connected Micah and Adam together in some profound ways.

On August 22, 2004, Mr. California, Shotgun Jeb and Grief Counsel performed at The Warehouse. Grief Counsel that night was Justin Ward, Richard and Brian Anderson. Along with his performace, Shotgun Jeb also read out of his book The Manifesto of the Guild of a Trash Artist. During Mr. California, Nicholas Taplin tried to change the settings on Mr. California's guitar, in the middle of a song.

On October 16, 2004, Residual Echoes and New Thrill Parade performed at The Warehouse as part of Marcello Fama's wedding party. Marcello went to the Republican National Convention to protest and was arrested with everyone else. This meant he had to fly back to New York for all the court crap associated with it. While in New York, decided to get married to a girl he just met that did Internet porn ( The Warhouse had the idea that it must host the wedding (the official signing of the papers happened at $2/tues at the Saturn Cafe with Mathmatica presiding). Because of the circumstances, everyone seemed a lot more drunk than normal and it was probably the first night that the Warehouse had its cool professional lighting set up (done for free by Spike). It was one of the first New Thrill Parade shows. Matt Brown played drums for Residual Echoes because Micah had food poisoning and was outside puking on his shoes.

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