The Silver Chalice was a Ben Lomond protopunk band that formed around 1969 and involved Kim Emminger and Geza Gedeon. Their sound was first metal, but then turned to something more like The Stooges. e

Silver Chalice released a vinyl 45 rpm 7" recording of Wasted / Hot Tears on Final Gear DST000 in 1979 and received airplay on Top 40 KSLY AM 1400 in San Luis Obispo in late nights. The recordings featured Geza X and Terry Churchman from Santa Maria on guitar and were raw, distorted, gritty examples of early punk.

Silver Chalice played one of the first punk rock shows anywhere at the Rose Garden Ballroom in Pismo Beach in 1978 with guest drummer Joe Nanini. Nanini later was the drummer with Wall of Voodoo.

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