The Sealants are a Santa Cruz band comprised of Matt Koumaras (guitar and vox), Mark Hanford (bass), Michael Escamilla (lead guitar) and Philip Wheatley (drums).

The Sealants were formed in late October 2003 by Matt, Mark, and Tim Haydu. Tim left the band by the end of 2003 and Philip took over on drums in early January 2004. A month later, Keith Thompson joined as a lead guitarist. Keith left the band that August, because his job wanted him to work every night the other guys wanted to practice. Joe Gabent replaced Thompson that October, but left the band in 2006 to return to UCSC to complete his studies.

Mark came up with a bunch of names and checked the Internet to see if any other bands were using them. Candidates included The Lubes, The Spanks, and The Bluffs. The Sealants just seemed the best of those.

They played in the Big Bang 2005.

The Sealants disbanded in 2007 after Matt moved to San Diego. After taking a couple of years off to live life, the remaining members joined together to form SA90.


  • 13 tracks have been recorded in a studio with Chris Gonzalez, but have not been released.

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