The Scapegoats


"Life Is Pasted On My Eyes" CD

The Scapegoats were a Santa Cruz punk band (1980-1983) consisting of Soave Loco (guitar/vox), Henry Hample (bass/vox), Mark Falge (original drummer), Joey Peters (2nd drummer) and Michael Litton (3rd drummer). They got their start at The Warehouse (Coral Street), then gigged up and down the California coast. They opened for bands such as Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Husker Du, Flipper, DOA and 7 Seconds.


  • Their song "Shitcan" was released on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation on Alternative Tentacles.
  • Their songs "Fingers" and "I Like the Street" were on a cassette-only compilation called Meathouse, on the Version Sound label out of Xenia, Ohio.
  • Life Is Pasted on My Eyes, a retrospective Scapegoats CD, was released in 2001 by Grand Theft Audio, an indie label in L.A.

The Scapegoats, photo by Sylvia Foley

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