The Most is a Santa Cruz band consisting of Ryan LaPlant (guitar/vox) and Jennie Gruber (drums/harmonica/tambourine/vox). In some live performances, the band has also featured Brian Martinez on percussions and Chris Greenspan on accordian.

The Most was formed in summer of 2004 by Jennie Gruber and Ryan LaPlant. At the time, they were both studying modern literature at UCSC. They met because they were both living at the Zami co-op in downtown Santa Cruz.

The band was originally named The Callouses in honor of the extreme damage sustained by Jennie’s hands in her violent attempts to teach herself to play the drums (the spelling pun on calluses and callous is also worth noting). By the time the band really started playing shows and taking themselves seriously, Jennie and Ryan decided that Callouses was a stupid name and renamed the band after their British friend Joe's catch phrase "I love it the fucking most" (as in "Hey, Joe, what do you think of Can's Delay 1968?" Answer: "I love it the fucking most!")

Around this time, Jennie moved out of the Zami co-op and into the garage of a house where they set up a new practice space. Every day after that, they drank whiskey and coffee, smoked spliffs, and practices their asses off. Housemate Cody started a psychedelic band called EEFE and the new house slowly became a den of rock. Amps, cables, drum sticks and constant jamming took over the living room (much to the neighbors’ chagrin; the bands were threatened with a civil suit but continued playing).

The Most began pursuing shows outside the co-op circuit, and gained a wider audience and a tighter set. Jennie became the main booking agent (or as the band affectionately calls her, the schmoozer) and by mid-2005 the band had played all the main houses, bars, and cafes in Santa Cruz (including The Cube, the Blue Lagoon, and Caffe Pergolesi). They became part of a community of their friends' up and coming bands, including EEFE, Membership, El Sonido, and Rion Rinker. They also took to the road to play a café in Los Angeles, a house show in Portland and a bar in the Sacramento area. While on one of these trips The Most recorded a half-hour EP in one night with their friend Adam Smith, in Long Beach. Adam played electric organ on the record.

Later that year, the band invested in a digital 8 track and began producing and mixing their own songs.

The Most leaves for their 2005 "We Just Can't Have Nice Things" tour in September

They played in the Big Bang 2005.


  • The Most's first EP of sorts was recorded in March 2005 on a 4track by a friend in Long Beach. It’s half an hour long and features 8 of their original songs recorded pretty much as they sound live. The recording of this album marked The Most’s decision to create their own label, Alright Records. The band funded and manufactured this release themselves, folding 100 burned CD-Rs up in colored paper and selling them for $1 at shows. The EP is also available at Streetlight Records in downtown Santa Cruz.
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