The Lost Boys are an Aptos punk band comprised of Ian Burris (guitar/vox), Evan Nolan (drums/vox) and Alex Vinning (bass). They are one of the youngest punk bands in Santa Cruz County. They have shared bills with Total Chaos and Naked Aggression. They played in the Big Bang 2005.

Ian and Alex met in the 5th grade (~1999) and formed a band called Snafoo with Alex Bice on drums. Snafoo recorded a two song CD that included a Misfits cover ("T.V. Casualty") and a cover of "Louie, Louie". In the 7th grade, Ian and Alex met Evan, began jamming, and formed The Johnsons in order to be in the school's battle of the bands. The name caused controvery at a Battle of the Bands, because school staff felt the name involved double entendre. In 2004, they changed their name to The Lost Boys in reference to the film The Lost Boys, a vampire movie shot in Santa Cruz.


  • A demo that contains "Human Clones", "That One Song", and "Scratch my Itch" (~2003).
  • Hardly Core, a demo "Lost Boys", "That One Song" (an updated version) and "I Shot Bambies Mom" (2004).