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The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada

The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada were a Santa Cruz band formed in 1981. The collaboration of keyboardist Maryjean Shaffer and guitarist Blanca Black, the Holy Sisters reveled in eccentric, quasi-religious imagery and feminist politics. Other original members included Heidi Puckett; bass, Jeff Grubic; tenor sax, and a series of drummers including Mezzo Tint, Charles Bingham of The Satellites, and finally Zero Jessephski, Jr..

The Holy Sisters morphed from conceptual entity to frequent club performers. Blanca and Heidi left and two new members were added: Kim Sockit; guitar, and Jill Fido of The Schematix; bass. The band moved to Hollywood around 1984. They were eventually voted "Band of the Year" by L.A. Weekly.


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