the highway murderers are a punk/metal band from santa cruz ca.the band started in march of 2002 when the singer paroled from san quentin prison.the band members have been friends for years and always wanted to play music even though the drummer was the only person that had played any after a bunch of weeks of teaching the guys how to play guitar/bass.the band was ready for some really dirty punk the band grew jason jessee took on the job of manager and spiritual horse letting the band practice @ his werehouse for the first 5 years but the band and jason had to find different working quarters due to cut backs with jasons skateboard company. the band consists of joe on drums,mobby on guitar,carlos on bass,cody on part time guitar,and ry on mouth.the band has played in california and most often in the bay area as their day jobs make it hard for this point 2010 the highway murderers have only put out one album but are working on putting out some music this year,so keep your eyes open and make it to one of their shows!

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