The Four Eyes are a pop band consisting of Joel Goulet, Dave Ninja (nee Branum) and Jay Baker. The three had started their first band (The Lint Farmers) while attending Harbor High School together. The Lint Farmers featured Goulet on guitar, Ninja on bass, and Baker on Drums as well as Skip McBride on vocals. After graduating in 1992, Goulet went off to college at the University of Santa Barbara California, and Mcbride moved to Arizona. Ninja and Baker went on to play in the band Mote. They played in Big Bang 2000.

In the Summer of1993, with Mcbride relocated back to Santa Cruz, and Goulet home for vacation, The Lint Farmers held an impromptu reunion in the basement of Goulet’s parents house. When a visibly disinterested Mcbride left with a promise to “be right back”, the other three decided to surprise him by learning some Ramones songs for him to sing. Playing The Ramones covers was such fun that they decided to start a “Ramones like” band. When Mcbride never returned that night they decided to form the band without him. Goulet would become the singer.

The Four Eyes first real practice followed shortly. After coming up with the music for their first song (Compucore) Goulet asked what the song should be about. Baker replied that it “should be about a girl, or being a nerd”. Goulet chose the latter. Other songs quickly followed, all being written on the nerd theme. After considering calling the band Ducktales 2: The Movie, Ninja came up with the name The Four Eyes.

Band activity became sporadic in the Fall after Goulet returned to college. Still, the band managed to squeeze in a few practices during visits and to play their first show in Santa Cruz on January 1 1994. It was at a house show on Hubbard Street.

Later on that year, Baker and Ninja went to Santa Barbara to record what would be their first tape. It was recorded on four track in one of the UCSB chemistry department’s lecture rooms. The recordings were released in the Spring of 1994 as “Rock and Roll with The Four Eyes”.

That Spring, Goulet dropped out of school and moved back to Santa Cruz,. allowing the band to become much more active. They began playing shows (predominantly house shows) all over Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas. In August of 1994 they played Sacramento, California for the first time.

1995 saw the band release their first single (“The Four Eyes Come Prepared”) a one hour cassette of all cover songs (“The Secret Center Sessions”) and begin work on what was planned to be their debut full length (“The Four Eyes Hit The Jackpot”). Secret Center Records was going to release the album, which was finished but had yet to be mixed, when Goulet’s storage unit was burglarized and the master tapes, along with most of his belongings, were stolen.

Ninja and Baker moved to Sacramento in the Fall of 1995, while Goulet remained in Santa Cruz. The band continued to play in Santa Cruz often , mostly at The Basement. It was there that they performed their first ever all covers set. In the Summer of 1996 the band went on it’s first, and only, U.S. tour.

The years 1997 through 1999 saw the only period of inactivity in the bands history. With Goulet moving to Los Angeles and the other two still living in Sacramento, keeping the band going was all but impossible, although they did find time to do a mini-tour of Sacramento and Santa Cruz in 1998.

The Four Eyes became an active band again when Goulet moved to Sacramento in the Summer of 1999. Since then the band has remained active, playing shows around Sacramento as well as the Bay Area and releasing two full-length CDs, as well as a handful of CDRs. Their last show in Santa Cruz was in April of 2004. All the band members agree that the show was “disappointing”.


  • "Rock and Roll With The Four Eyes" cassette, Self-released on Rump It Up Records, 1994
  • "Xeroxica" casette compilation, Secret Center Records, 1994
  • "The Secret Center Sessions" cassette, Secret Center Records, 1995, rereleased as a CDR in 2000
  • "The Four Eyes Come Prepared" 7" Single, Dirty Bear Records, 1995
  • "Yahtzee Punks Fuck Off" cassette compilation, Secret Center Records 1996
  • "Swimming In The Secret Sea" CD compilation, Secret Center Records 1996
  • "Unlimited Hits" cassette, self-released, 1998
  • "The Four Eyes Live on KDVS" CDR, self-released, 2000
  • "Double Rockin' It" CDR, self-released, 2000. Combines the "Rock and Roll with..." tape with surviving songs from lost first album.
  • "Hat Nerd" 7" single, Sacramento Records, 2000
  • "The Official Tour Single of The Official Tour T-Shirt Tour" split one-sided 7" single, Sacramento Records, 2001
  • "Drinking About Songs" 2LP/CD compilation, Very Small Records, 2003
  • "Secret Center Sessions Volume 2" CDR, self-released 2003
  • "Rock and Role Playing" CD, Plastic Idol Records, 2004
  • "Sweet Sounds" CD, Plan-It-X Records, 2005

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