The Formaldebrides are a Santa Cruz band made up of Isabela Lugosi (drums), Doris Karloff (vox), Lana Chaney (guitar), Claudia Rains (bass). Their demo tape The Formaldebrides has remained on the top ten best sellers list for Streetlight every month since its 2004 release. They played in the Big Bang 2005.

The band was the brainchild of Isabela Lugosi. She formed the band in March 2004 with Doris Karloff, Lana Chaney, and Petrina Lorre (upright bass). Lana Chaney was originally the only member of the band living in Santa Cruz. The other three members were from San Jose. In March 2005, the Formaldebrides replaced their upright bass player, Petrina Lorre, for an electric bass player, Claudia Rains (who also plays bass for The Gales). The following month, Doris Karloff moved to Santa Cruz. The only remaining member of the band that doesn't live in Santa Cruz is Isabela Lugosi who resides in San Jose.


  • The Formaldebrides - a 3 song demo in 2004. It was meant to be a promotional demo for show bookings. The Formaldebrides then decided to sell the demo at Streetlight Records in San Jose and Santa Cruz as their music was in demand.