The Chop Tops are a rockabilly trio from Santa Cruz, California consisting of Sinner (vocals/standing drums), Shelby (guitar), and Brett (upright bass). The band was formed by Sinner in 1995, Shelby joined in 1999, and Brett took over bass duties in 2008. The band coined the phrase "Revved-Up Rockabilly" to describe their wild, upbeat blend of rockabilly, psychobilly, old punk, teddy boy, and surf music genres. The Chop Tops headline their own national tours,[1] have toured with bands like Mad Sin and the Nekromantix, and have opened for many great talents including the Dead Kennedys, Dick Dale, John Lee Hooker, and Chuck Berry.[2]

Other accomplishments include having three of their songs featured in the video game WET, performing at several Warped Tours,[3] and many years of playing the annual rockabilly festival Viva Las Vegas. The Chop Tops are sponsored by Murray's Pomade.[4] Murray's has sponsored only two bands in its 87-year history, the Stray Cats and the Chop Tops. The group is also sponsored and endorsed by Gretsch guitars, Jim Dunlop, and T.U.K. shoes.


  • Revved-Up Rockabilly (1997) Swillbilly Music
  • Tales of Hot Rods, Hot Broads & Lucky Odds! (1999) Swillbilly Music, Producer: Deke Dickerson
  • Always Wild (2000) Rollin' Rock Records [5]
  • Evil Six (2001) Swillbilly Music
  • Triple Deuces [6] (2006) Split 7 Records
  • Deadly Love [7] (2010) Swillbilly Music, Producer & Assistant Engineer: Kim Nekroman

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