The Catastrophes was a Santa Cruz indie rock band (2002) comprised of Mia Riddle (vox/guitar), Josh Nelson (bass) and Greg Braithwaite (drums). They played gigs in Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco and Petaluma. They were a part of the 2002 Porterpalloza and Big Bang 2002. The Catastrophes broke up by the end of 2002. Mia moved to New York City shortly thereafter.

The Catastrophes formed on a rainy May 2002 afternoon of a Food and Wine Fest on Pacific Garden Mall. Mia and Greg attended the performance of Josh's band Goodnight, and afterwards the three went back to Plymouth Street to jam. Early that week they had discussed the idea of forming a band. Mia had picked out the name long before she moved to Santa Cruz. She said she wanted "a real rock and roll kind of name" and that The Catastrophes "sounded kinda punk."