The Broads is Zach Patten, an artist from Aromas, California, at the precise ass end of Santa Cruz County. Living in a dilapidated trailer down by the Pajaro river, he has created a large contribution to the sound of folk music in Santa Cruz since the turn of the 21st century. He has performed all over northern California alongside Happy Meal, Mammatus, El Chon, Misty Mountain, El Sonido and countless others. Where there's a party, The Broads can be expected to materialize, naked, silent, and play the most hair-raising music imaginable before disappearing again. Patten moved to Corralitos and then to Felton in 2007, where he completed the acclaimed album "Joyful Noise," which he packages by hand as a badly needed replacement for the years-old demo "With the hands God Gave Me" or whatever it's called. A prolific songwriter, Patten rarely performs songs with any regularity due to always pushing further into new material. Fortunately, the slow trickle of recorded output containing performances worthy of his live presence helps fans keep up.