Thatcher's was a Santa Cruz venue (June to August 1980) located at 931 Pacific (which had been the site of High Country and is currently the site for Surf City Billiards). It was founded, owned and run by Thatcher Clarke; Gary Carpenter was the production manager. Thatcher created it to provide a performing arts center for music, theatre and dance; he was successful in bringing in punk bands and opera performances. The business was organized on a self-supporting level. One of the investors was Phil Thril of The Satellites.

Among the memorable shows there were several promoting the Surf City Underground LP, and The Satellites' equipment benefit.

Thatcher's was closed down after the August 23, 1980 Dead Kennedys show and before the August 27 X show because of a "lease hassle" with the building's owners. It was then announced that the venue would re-open at the end of September with new management, a new interior and a new name. The new lease was backed by someone from the East Coast. Thatcher was removed from the lease because of what Gary called "business differences." During this time, Thatcher was arrested for trying to break into the padlocked doors.

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