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You better look up the Food and Cooking Guide on Steam. There you'll find a detailed list with all consumables in the game.

There you can also look up how much Prot / Carb / Fat / Sugar / Water / Sodium / Fiber / Vitamins and Minerals each food provides.

You also find a map with all locations/fields etc.

This list here is just a bad joke.

Hey there! This is a community effort. If you'd like to see new information here on our wiki page, you're welcome to participate. As far as nutritional values go, some individual food pages have the information. Sadly, the information has changed several times since the release of the game, and not even the information on that steam page list is accurate. I'm still hoping one day we'll find it in the game files. --PicayuneCoterie (talk) 15:28, 21 April 2019 (UTC)