Strip Mall Seizures are a band that originated in Santa Cruz involving Cindi Leper aka Judy Bawlz (vox), Mattt Monster (bass), Lauren Bousfield (keyboards) and Justin Carder (drums). Originally Kristin of the Gross Gang, now in Rocket, played drums. They played lots of messy scratchy show-things before a revolving cast of shaky uninitiated. At some point, they owned a stolen bus. Unsure of how to properly communicate with other animals, the music formed a medium from one squishy brain to the next. Let's just sit in front of these open microwaves for a bit. Let's go eat a jamba juice at teh mall!!1! The band eventually moves to Oakland and recruited a skronkier Matt to replace Mattt, who fled to the outerdark. Now both Matts are in place and the square pegs are effortlessly thrust into the round holes.


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