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Stone Axe
Stone Axe.png
A stone axe from basic materials. Quality and durability are not the best but it handles normal tasks like cutting wood, and is useful in dangerous situations.
General information
Category Weapons
Subcategory Melee Weapons, Tools
Space Used 5x3
Weight 1.3kg
Administrator Information
Stone Axe

The Stone Axe is a melee weapon in SCUM.



Crafting gives 50 Survival points


1 Small Stone Axe Head.png Small Stone Axe Head

1 Long Wooden Stick.png Long Wooden Stick
1 Small Wooden Stick.png Small Wooden Stick

1 Wire 1m.png Wire 1m
2 Thread.png Thread
1 Rope 5m.png Rope 5m
1 Improvised Rope.png Improvised Rope
1 Tree Bark Rope.png Tree Bark Rope

Craft-stone axe.png