Smallpaul is a Santa Cruz punk band consisting of Mike Keller (guitar/vox), Alan Debenedetti (bass/vox), Spencer (guitar) and Jon Bush (drums). They have opened for Swinging Utters at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall, won the College 9/10 Battle of the Bands (but were never paid their $50). and headlined at dollar night at the Catalyst.

Smallpaul was started by Mike (drums), Alan and Spencer around 1999/2000 while they attended high school. At first they mostly performed cover songs in the cafeteria. In 2002, they recorded their first demo. Andy Prahl joined the band to play drums, and Mike switched to guitar and vocals. Andy quit to become a fireman and Jon took his place.

Small Paul was the name of a character played by their classmate Mikey LeBeau in a 1995 B horror film starring Clint Howard called Ice Cream Man. Hilligoss came up with the idea to give that name to the band.

Mike and Alan currently attend UCSC.


  • DEMOlition (first demo) (2002) burned on CDRs
  • s/t (2003) This Is The Action (their own label) full-length CD, recorded pretty much live in a high school band room.
  • The Endless Appetite (2005) This Is The Action. full-length CD, recorded in their friend's living room. It features a collaboration song with Judgement Day.

Puppy EP BAMBOO EP recorded at Castle Ultimate, this was their final recording project before dismembering

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