Small Nambas was a Santa Cruz band (1979-1980) involving Taani Lee (drums), Tiger Ward (vox), Nancy Tracy (bass) and Lenny Lyons (guitar).

They were also called Spy Vs. Spy and The Joneses. (There is apparently no truth to the allegation that they were known at one point as The Velveeta Underground.) The name Small Nambas came from a National Geographic article about two tribes (Big and Small) of indigenous Melanesians called "Nambas," who wore hats on their penises.

The band broke up in mid-1980, with Tiger relocating to London. They reformed briefly in 1981 as Riot of Perfume with Lenny on guitar, Taani on bass, Jeff Grubic on sax, Joey Peters on drums, and Susan Volkan on vocals. Susan then left the band and formed White Stains in San Francisco. Lenny also left for S.F. and joined up with Animal Things. The remaining members morphed into The Love Dogs.


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