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The Thievery skill currently only affects lock-picking.

Positive Effects[]

  • Increase time per attempt.
  • Increased sweet spot size.

Negative Effects[]

  • Picking a lock uses one fame point per attempt.


The thievery skill can be leveled up by:

  • Performing the lock-picking action.
Successfully picking a lock will grant additional experience.

The skill level can only be increased if the player has enough points in their dexterity attribute to allow it.

Basic: 0.5 DEX required
Medium: 1.5 DEX required
Advanced: 3.0 DEX required


The thievery skill does not effect:

  • Chance to break lockpicks. This is dependent on the type of lockpick you use. Crafted lockpicks are weaker than real lockpicks, and real lockpicks are weaker than advanced lockpicks.