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Positive Effects[]

  • Lowers your Visibility
  • Reduced volume of noise while moving and performing actions.
    • Note: Amount of noise is dependent on what the player is wearing and carrying.
      • For example: If the player is carrying a suit made of frying pans with a high stealth skill, you will still sound like you're wearing a suit made of frying pans. The frying pans will be quieter.
  • Reduced AI detection chance.

Negative Effects[]

  • Fame point gain rate is significantly reduced with higher stealth skill levels.


The stealth skill can be leveled up by:

  • Moving while in the crouched or prone position.

The skill level can only be increased if the player has enough points in their dexterity attribute to allow it.

Basic: 1.0 DEX required
Medium: 2.0 DEX required
Advanced: 3.0 DEX required


The stealth skill DOES NOT effect:

  • How quickly someone with a high level of awareness will notice you. This chance is weighted between your camouflage skill and their awareness skill.

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Change History[]

Update 04-30-20 Stealth rework - Visibility indicator added, detection adjusted