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Sniping is an intelligence skill in SCUM that helps with long-range shooting.


You need a scope to snipe. To calibrate while in the scoped mode hold shift and scroll up/down to change the range by 100m at a time. After you have calibrated you can choose a target and press Ctrl and the game will calculate the rough distance. This will calibrate more quickly with higher sniping skill. Hold shift and adjust your zero range or use the chevron marker and shoot the target. Chevron Markers are set for the SVD so it will vary for something like the AK-47. The skill also determines how accurately your player will determine distances.


Hitting living targets with a weapon with an ACOG or better attached.

Additional notes[]

  • The Awareness skill will help you to see targets at range.
  • Strength will help with recoil and steadiness

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