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Positive Effects[]

  • Increased amount of stamina points.
Note: The players stamina will never surpass 100%. The total amount of points that is equal to 100% is greater.
  • Stamina recovery rate
Basic: 0%
Medium: +10%
Advanced: +20%
  • Decreased water and calorie consumption rates while using stamina.

Negative Effects[]

Having no endurance skill will give the player a -10% stamina recovery rate.


The endurance skill can be leveled up by:

  • Performing any activities that drain stamina.
Jogging, running, aiming down sights, etc...
Carrying more weight while performing these tasks will give an addition boost to experience gained.

The skill level can only be increased if the player has enough points in their constitution attribute to allow it.

Basic: 0.5 CON required
Medium: 1.5 CON required
Advanced: 3.0 CON required


The endurance skill does not effect:

  • Stamina depletion rate. This visual effect is only placebo. The stamina percentage will drop slower because the total amount of stamina points is larger.

Change History[]

Update 08-20-21 Endurance skill experience gain is faster now