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Positive Effects[]

  • Increased frequency of kicks and punches while empty handed.
  • Increased amount of damage dealt with kicks and punches while empty handed.
  • Reduced stamina drain.
Note: Also see how endurance effects stamina.

Negative Effects[]

  • Fame point gain rate is significantly reduced with higher boxing skill levels.


The boxing skill can be leveled up by punching or kicking nearly anything.

Boxing inanimate objects will give less experience toward the skill than boxing animals, players or puppets.

The skill level can only be increased if the player has enough points in their strength attribute to allow it.

Basic: 0.5 STR required
Medium: 1.5 STR required
Advanced: 3.0 STR required


The boxing skill does not effect:

  • Damage dealt with melee weapons in-hand. This is determined by the melee weapons skill.
  • The character actually gains more experience toward the boxing skill, per attack, with higher skill levels.

Known Issues[]

  • Blocking with RMB doesn't reduce damage taken.