Skeleton Closet is a Santa Cruz band consisting of Brandon Zamel (vox), X (guitar), Seth Kramer (bass) and Mike (drums). X and Brandon do all of the song writing. They participated in Disaster Fest.

Kevin Bromage was the original bass player. He left the band when he transfered to UCLA in September to pursue his medical degree.

The band was created in September 2004 by Andy (guitar), Kevin (bass) and Brandon Zamel (vox), all students at UCSC. Andy introduced Brandon to Kevin. Andy and Kevin lived in the same dorm building. The group tried to get things going Spring Quarter of 2004, but it was too late in the school year. When they came back in September, Brandon had a few songs worked out. Kevin brought in James Garson on drums. Kevin knew him from high school and the San Jose scene. James is a student at Cabrillo College.

They did not rush playing any shows and took their time practicing. By December 2004, Andy was too swamped with school work. X (Brandon's housemate and a friend from high school) took over on guitar. Their first show was January 11, 2005 in the I-Lounge at Porter College with Klonopin (from Escondido).

After recording a 7" in early April 2005, James ended up leaving and Mike (also attending UCSC) took over.

The band has since broken up.

Band name originsEdit

The name Skeleton Closet was not chosen until January 2005 after Andy had stopped practicing with the band. They brainstormed lots of names. The original idea was to call the band Skeleton Closet Rampage or Phantom Fury (after Operation Phantom Fury in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq). Phantom Fury sounded too much like Phantomas or Total Fury, so they dropped that idea. Skeleton Closet Rampage was too long, so they dropped the Rampage.


  • They recorded a demo using a video camera and then running the audio plugs through a cd writer. This was done in February 2005. They burned these mostly for Disaster Fest in Watsonville. There are only about 100+ copies of these. The cover featured Al Bundy with a Skeleton Closet t-shirt and a hammer.
  • 7" recording - pressed 500. 100 green tour editions, 400 black.
  • December 2005 Recordings 15 original tracks, 2 covers.
  • April 2006 recordings. Concept 7inch. Never released.

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