Sin In Space was a Santa Cruz band (1998 - 2002) comprised of Cassidy Meijer (vox / guitar), Kirsten Rigg (vox / guitar), Brendan Thompson (bass), and Greg Braithwaite(drums).

This talented band played hook-filled pop-influenced rock n' roll awash in lovesick sci-fi imagery, and enjoyed a brief period of intense popularity in Santa Cruz. Cassidy wrote catchy songs of heart-break and alien invasions, singing with a voice which turned from breathlessly pretty into a heart-stopping scream. Kirsten's sinuous guitar leads wove hook upon hook into the songs, while Braithwaite and Thompson's drums and bass gave them a solid backbone.

Sin In Space also sometimes boasted James Rickman of Slow Gherkin on guitar and piano and Peter Cowan, also of Slow Gherkin, played keyboards on the Space E.P. Early incarnations included Sara Sha on saxophone and Teague Moriarty and Becca Stewart on Bass. SC music guru Rick Walker filled in on drums (briefly) for original founding member Kai Prenter when he left the band.

Most of Sin in Space's material has been re-released on Trog Records in early 2011, and is available for streaming and download from the site.


  • Asteroid Band- 12 song CD - Self Released 2001 - Distributed by Pandacide Records
  • Split 7" with Santa Rosa band The Velvet Teen Pandacide Records 2004
  • Space E.P. 2005 6 song E.P.

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