Sheena is a homegrown Santa Cruz gaycore dance band comprised of Matt Wilson (vox/keyboards), Joey Weed (guitar/vox), Peter Wallner (bass) and a drum machine. They were the last band to ever play at Lyme House. Sheena is known for making audiences dance to "Swimming in a Lake, Running in Place."

Sheena formed in the summer of 2004 by Matt Wilson and Matt McClain (drums). Matt Wilson and Matt McClain came up with the band's name. They wanted to name their band like a person.

Sheena is also fantasized about by such birds fled from me.


  • A demo on a four track (not released but some people in Santa Cruz have them)
  • New Demo cd, titled Is Wall Of Sound, self released
  • Brand spankin' new CD Wah-Ha_Era on Loves In Heat Records